Melfi Municipality has put in place integrated actions (planned in its SEAP) based on diversified use of existing technologies and active community involvement
The actions included in the SEAP of the Municipality of Melfi aim at achieving a sustainable development of urban system through a diversified use of existing technologies and active community involvement. With the design of the SEAP, approved in 2013, the Municipality was committed to achieve an ambitious goal: to reduce CO2 emissions of 25.20% by 2020. The minimum objective of the Covenant of Mayors is at least 20% of the GHG emissions by 2020.
In the framework of SEAP, concerning investment on energy and structural renovation of public school building, a win-win informal cooperation was realized between local Municipality and the users’ community of the school.
The school community delivered technical contribution of the design of the intervention and the municipality included such recommendation in the investment process.
Beyond the infrastructural achievement, local community (students, teachers and their families) was more engaged in the Municipal policy for energy efficiency

Resources needed

Capitalization of Municipal/Regional/National/European funds and of royalties from wind farms to implement actions planned in the SEAP.

Evidence of success

The Melfi’s BEI showed an amount of 75.859 tons of CO2 emissions in 2009, associated with an energy consumption of 253.092.9 MWh. The goal was to reduce CO2 emissions of 25.20 % by 2020.
The difference in consumption and emissions between 2009 and 2015 is linked to the result of the implemented actions. The total emissions reduced to date amount to 24.686,25 t CO2 / year.
Another positive outcome of the GP are schools and private building upgrade, new impetus to the construction sector

Potential for learning or transfer

The transferability of the project is high and recommendable. The idea of promoting sustainable behaviours in school community, through ICT tools, connecting infrastructural investments in energy renovation and additional training activities, exploiting local community competences, represents a starting point for deeper community involvement towards energy sustainability.

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Main institution
Municipality of Melfi
Basilicata, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
March 2013
End Date


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