I.T.E.R. aims at making public transport efficient and promoting responsible behaviours in relationship to the needs of sustainable transport.
I.T.E.R. was implemented for enhancing sustainable mobility in the Gran Paradiso.
In the field of this project FGP has worked in order to offer tourists both sustainable means of transport to reach and move through the Gran Paradiso valleys and technological tools in order to allow them to always be connected despite traveling in mountain areas.

Different activities & actions were realized:
- purchase of 105 free electric pedal assisted city bikes to tourist operators (the same bikes promoted within Rê.V.E.);
- network of free hotspots installed at the main bus stops and squares of the Gran Paradiso municipalities;
- purchase and loan of 16 electric pedal assisted Mountain Bikes to the visitors of the Gran Paradiso valleys;
- creation of the APP Gran Paradiso Valleys to inform visitors about the different means of public transport available to reach and move throughout the area;
- support for the APP SvAPP which gives real-time updates about the bus schedule;
- organization of events and initiatives to promote soft mobility.

Bikes were given to local tourist operators interested in the initiative at the symbolic cost of 1€ in change of gift cards (worth 200€ per bike).
The e-MTBs can be rented for 1 day in all visitors centers of the park by buying the FGP Pass (8€) and giving a deposit of 50€. With the aim of increasing the economy of the territory, all visitors renting the the e-MTBs have to spend at least 10€ in any local operator (shop, bar, restaurant..)

Resources needed

The project was implemented by Fondation Grand Paradis and it was funded within the Alcotra Programme 2007-2013.
Budget to Fondation Grand Paradis: € 800.000,00

Evidence of success

The services at the disposal of tourists:
- 66 free electric pedal assisted bicycles (146 users in 2017)
- network of hotspots (13)
- 105 free electric pedal assisted city bikes available in the tourist accommodation
- 20 electric e-MTBs for rent for free at the visitors centers (323 users in 2017)
- 2 electrical vehicles & 7 public electrical rechargeable stations
- Trekbus Gran Paradiso (511 users in 2017)
- APP informing about the means of transport (466 download in 2017)

Difficulties encountered

Once that the system has been implemented, the maintenance of a high quality and safe service is critical.
For the bike sharing service this aspect is more difficult to manage comparing to the mountain bikes because the bikes are spread all over the territory and a direct control is not possible.

Potential for learning or transfer

The services and activities carried out by these projects have been highly appreciated and exploited by tourists and have become part of the tourist attractions of the destinations.
As far as the bike sharing system and the network of hotspots are concerned, after the end of these projects their management is now carried out by the municipalities that, in almost all the cases, have decided to maintain the services, due to their success with tourists.
Main institution
Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
September 2011
End Date
August 2014


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