The main objective of the Nana Bianca NB is the scouting and accelerating of promising business ideas.
To maximize both the number of companies successfully founded and their relative revenue size, a broader ecosystem-building plan is being put in place.
A modern co-working space is being managed in Via I. Pindemonte, where contamination, clustering and networking is encouraged on each level.
The acceleration program is running on a rolling base, with ideas being scrutinized against team background, business feasibility and actual support being available for the particular area of business.
By 2020 NB shall have its school for business and IT. This will add up to the expansion of available co-working space.
Upon admission to the acceleration program, successful candidates are expected to attend education classes aimed at developing a broader knowledge of company operations. This adds to a set of services offered either free or highly discounted: management of online marketing campaigns, UX/UI, finance, Business Development and IT.
Founders are expected to attend and make the most of services offered, with seeds funds being distributed upon milestones achievements.
Milestones, peculiar to each start up, may go from company incorporation to product prototype, to website launch, to first sale achieved.
The acceleration program runs 6 months against equity. A seed investment of 25k is released. Numerous services offered are discounted: marketing management, temporally-defined UX/UI consulting and operational support, mentor and tutor assignment and milestones listing.

Resources needed

The Hubble Acceleration Program is one of the highest ranked in Italy and Europe and accelerates 10 ventures every year with a total investment of 500k€ in grant and over 250k€ in services. The program has had a huge impact on the city with over 3000 entrepeneurs involved and 150 jobs created.

Evidence of success

A total of 31 companies have been funded with the acceleration program. The total number of participations in the overall Nana Bianca portfolio is 49. The average number of application we receive is over 400. As of today, survival is higher than 90%. All the startups that have been accelerated in the last 5 batches are still in business and continue to grow.

Potential for learning or transfer

- Clear Revenue model (co-working, services, education)
- Clear territorial scope (clustering of resources, business district formation)
- Clear goal in terms of activity expansions (business execution).
Transferability tips
- Public seconding on private initiative is of primary importance. Public sector can best serve the community interest by providing public infrastructure at a reasonable price against reassurance of investments and eco-system building.

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Main institution
Municipality of Florence
Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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