Installation of solar PV panels in the premises of the Orthodox Academy of Crete with a nominal power of 50 Kwp.
1. The practice is related with the installation of a solar-PV system in the premises of Orthodoxy Academy of Crete in Chania for offsetting its annual electricity consumption and reducing carbon emissions due to energy use. The main energy source used in the Academy is electricity and its carbon emissions are mainly due to electricity use. Current consumption of oil or gas is rather low. Solar-PV electricity could annually offset part or all of the grid electricity use according to net-metering initiative. It has been estimated that electricity generation from the solar-PV system installed corresponds at approximately 30% of its annual electricity needs.

2. It is directly connected with the objectives of the project since it results in the decrease of CO2 emissions due to energy use in the premises of the Academy. Annual electricity generation from the solar-PV system is approximately 75 MWh resulting in annual emission savings of 56 tons CO2.

3. The stakeholders and beneficiaries are the owners of the energy system which belongs to the Orthodox academy of Crete.

Resources needed

The total cost of renewable energy system installed with nominal power of 50 KWp was 70,000 € . The system was installed on the terrace of the buildings in Orthodox Academy.

Evidence of success

The solar-PV system operates smoothly. The solar-PV electricity generated and injected into the grid offsets part the grid electricity consumed annually. Since the system is in operation only for few months , detailed results will be assessed later after one or more years of operation.

Difficulties encountered

There were not any difficulties in the implementation of the project. The main lesson learnt is that the creation of buildings with zero CO2 emissions is not difficult neither costly.

Potential for learning or transfer

We believe that the abovementioned installation is a good practice in our territory and it could be transferred in other territories as well because of :
a) The technology of the solar-PV system used is mature , reliable and cost effective
b) The capital and installation cost of those systems is relative low compared with the construction cost of the building
c) The operating cost is also low compared with the cost of using fossil fuels instead of renewable energies. The pay-back period of the investment has been estimated at 8-10 years.
d) The same technologies could be used in other territories with high solar irradiance, preferably in Mediterranean region.
Main institution
Κρήτη, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date
September 2017


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