Food Bank volunteer teams visits schools to meet their students and talk about the poor, the respect for food and the need to avoid waste.
Banco Alimentare della Lombardia recover surplus from the food chain, but part of its mission is also the prevention of the food waste. Banco Alimentare has a program named "Banco Scuola" addressing students of every order and degree with the objective of increasing their awareness about the need to reduce food waste. We believe in the value of sharing the direct experience of Banco Alimentare of Lombardy that bring concreteness to the topic.
What is brought to the students is based on Banco Alimentare mission. The messages are modulated in accordance to the students age:
- Banco Alimentare activities,
- Understanding of the people who receive help
- What respect for food means.
We started from Primary schools because the children are still free from prejudices or established habits, they are willing to welcome these messages that in most cases are totally new to them. Through them we can also expect to increase the awareness in their families.

Resources needed

Volunteers with good communication skills
Content based on presentations and activities that can get the attention of the students, in particular the younger ones.
Printed materials

Evidence of success

In 6 years (from 2012 to 2018):
70.190 students of 542 different schools met
15 volunteers split in 6 Teams involved

Difficulties encountered

The discussion on the food waste prevention has to find room in the schools agenda. The school interest depends on the sensibility of the schools masters and teachers.

Potential for learning or transfer

1. Content of the training for the different age ranges:
- slide set,
- videos,
- scripts
2. Trainers organization and skill description
3. Agreements signed with the schools

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Main institution
Banco Alimentare della Lombardia
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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