Recovery of Fruit and Vegetable from the wholesale market for fruits and vegetables in Milano at the end of the daily operations
In order to provide the people in need with a proper diet integrated with fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, since May 2012, Banco Alimentare has opened an operational center within the Ortomercato of Milan (Fruit and Vegetable Gross Market of Milano). In this very large area over 150 stands of wholesalers operate from midnight to 11 am. At the end of the exchange time, many operators find generously the time and energy to set aside the surplus goods to donate it to volunteers of Banco Alimentare, who select the recovered products on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. What is recovered is everything that was not sold during the night and morning selling time. What collected changes and daily basis according to the season and the market demand, low demand causes high left over and higher donation. Everything is always in excellent quality condition as the product are donated immediately after the end of the selling day. Fruits and vegetables are transported immediately to the central warehouse of Banco Alimentare where they are delivered to charity facilities on the same day of withdrawal or the next morning. The numbers of the programs: in 2017: 426 tons of fresh fruit and vegetable have been collected and ri-distributed to people in need instead of going to the landfill

Resources needed

11 Volunteers three days a week for the collection
The distribution is managed through the standard process of Banco Alimentare
1 Refrigerated truck to transport
Cool rooms in the warehouse for the distribution
HACCP Training to the charitable organization receiving the products

Evidence of success

150 stands of fruit and vegetable resellers partecipate to the project on daily basis
In 2017, 460 Tons of fresh fruit and vegetables where collected and distributed to charitable organizations

Difficulties encountered

Volunteers presence needs to be guaranteed
Transportation and redistribution of the product to be managed in a timely manner
Training and acceptance of the charitable organization

Potential for learning or transfer

Process to manage the collection and redistribution of fruit and vegetables
Activity Costs and sustainability

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Main institution
Banco Alimentare della Lombardia
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
May 2012
End Date


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