Kaleidoskoop: bringing together the brightest business and project ideas from students
Kaleidoskoop is the biggest students’ business and project ideas competition in South-Estonia, taking place for the 11th time in 2018. In the final round, the 10 best teams will step on the stage to present their business and project ideas. The competition is intended to support the students in Tartu to helps teams to shape their ideas into tested business models.

Resources needed

Joint effort by the University of Tartu and their curricula and startup community. Tartu City Government is directly supporting the event with ca. 1000 EUR, but indirectly with supporting the incubators to help the student teams to have access to start-up ecosystem services

Evidence of success

The achieved results of winners so far has proven the evidence of success:
The teams that win the Kaleidoskoop competition, have strong business cases and have had international success. The 2017 spring winner Festera (producing indoor recycling bins) was founded as a student company and awarded with the title of Student Company of the Year 2017 in Europe. Winner of 2017 autumn, Decomer Technology, was one of the top 7 teams at Ajujaht, the largest competition of business ideas in Estonia.

Potential for learning or transfer

The full process of design, deployment and managing a business development programme scheme for students, tailored to the current ecosystem, can be shared with the partners.
Main institution
University of Tartu
Eesti, Estonia (Eesti)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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