The good practice represents the example of successful cooperation between the stakeholders based on the coordination of the national agency on EE.
Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania is the founder of Housing Energy Efficiency Agency (BETA). The activities are coordinated at the Agency has 10 branch offices in Lithuania. The main office is in capital city Vilnius, with different departments. In other areas there are responsible people providing consulting and doing all the technical work in the area.
BETA agency is responsible for the implementation of national programs on energy efficiency projects. The Agency provides consulting services and assistance for homeowners on matters related to the renovation (modernization) of multi-apartment buildings. It also evaluates and approves submitted investment plans and procurement documents, cooperates with municipal authorities, engineering consultancy companies, educational institutions, nongovernmental
organizations, etc. There are 2 ongoing programs – the renewal for multi apartment buildings and the renewal of public buildings.
The GP is very relevant for the LOCARBO projects, as the activities of BETA are oriented to the administration and coordination of energy efficiency activities in Lithuania. It is related to the services (TP1) and innovative cooperation models (TP2).
The actions of this agency is based on sustainability principles:
- decrease of Environmental impact, by increasing energy efficiency;
- to strengthen social awareness and competencies on renovation process ;
- economic benefit - as extra service from the govern. organizations.

Resources needed

The national coordination and educational function is essential in order to foster the Smooth implementation of EU structural policies. BETA makes essential work in Lithuania, while speeding information for various stakeholders, communicating with municipalities and supervising the renovation proces

Evidence of success

BETA created a new model and in 2013 there was a break point with the amount of renovation projects. According to the numbers there are more than 1500 implemented projects in 3 years. Average results per renovation project are: Heat savings – 50-60 per cent; Household costs savings 10-15 per cent
After the establishment of the new model in 2013:
- Mostly all the documents are standardized
- Interim payments of the projects can be done
- An open credit line for the projects

Difficulties encountered

Services provided by BETA:
- Projects on energy efficiency increase in public houses
- Block renovation program for energy efficiency
- BETA calculator for identification of possible renovation costs and grant received by
the National Program on Renew of Multiapartment Houses: http://www.betalt.

Potential for learning or transfer

The agency is created based on the national requirements and social, cultural context. Therefore the transferability of this GP to other countries could be done partly. It is possible to adapt separate measures (like communication and education programs, BETA calculator, data collection and analysis, etc.), which are created and applied by BETA.

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Main institution
Housing Energy Efficiency Agency
Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Start Date
January 2013
End Date


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