The GP represents a model of “sustainable design” promoted by ATER- Territorial agency for residential buildings (public agency) for the social housing
The project has been developed in a peri-urban residential area of a municipality in the Province of Potenza (Filiano) and consists of buildings built applying the Green Building and Sustainable principles, methods and architectural techniques with particular reference to energy saving and renewable sources energy production systems.
The aim of the intervention was to apply the ITACA Protocol for the energy-environmental audit of buildings. In particular, the regional “Energy-environmental audit system of residential buildings” (made available by the Department of Public Works Infrastructure and Mobility of the Basilicata Region) is applied to evaluate the sustainability of the 18 new houses. The building techniques are aimed at achieving an adequate insulation of opaque horizontal and vertical components as well as vertical side walls and to eliminate thermal bridges using environmental friendly materials having high thermal performance, in order to achieve high thermal performance in the windowed components. Also systems to optimize water cycle have been realized (recovery and re-use). RES technologies and heating system with low temperature operation have been installed (underfloor heating systems, condensing boilers, photovoltaic, solar thermal).
The GP is an operative example of the results coming out from the application of procedures aimed at designing and realizing “energy-aware” building interventions comparing different design solutions quantitatively.

Resources needed

National and regional public funds.
Total cost of realization: about 2.500.000 euros

Evidence of success

The application of Green Building and Sustainable principles in social housing development represents an indicator of residential high quality and energy efficiency adopted by ATER agency. It is useful to involve final users in a sustainable usage model of the new social housing reinforcing an active approach in which the user role become more and more important in ensuring energy performance in a residential building.
18 new houses just realized in energy efficiency class A or higher

Potential for learning or transfer

The GP is transferable to other public agency committed with Social Housing:
in fact, the design method is reproducible and transferable to other contexts implementing the most suitable RES systems and materials for optimizing resources utilization, thermal efficiency and energy production

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Main institution
Territorial agency for residential buildings
Basilicata, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
May 2013
End Date


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