Energy transition is strategic orientation as well as support to companies to news markets.The project is the opportunity to respond of this 2 aims concurrently
Region boosts the development of a Hydrogen energy domain in order to :
-to meet the challenge of the reinsdustrialisation thanks to an emergent market,
-to contribute to the emergence and testing an innovate solution Hydrogen in order to validate viable business models,
-to train young people in this new technologies and to inform large public about hydrgogen solutions.
This project is based on a strong partnership between local and national authorities, regional economy agencie, clusters, research institutes and companies.
A workgroup was established and it is a unique place for exchange et cooperation in order to develop the hydrogen community. This workgroup fosters the exchange of good practices, of structuring projects, on the last market evolutions as well as the coordination of all stakeholders and the emergency of projects.
In parallel, are conducted :
-An analysis of value chain: the hydrogen applications are indeed complex, systems integrating many components and involving different skills.
-A hydrogen market analysis, this market being moving et not yet established
-An awareness of companies in order to increase their number on this market. Indeed, many enterprises have the capacity to integrate this market but few of them have the necessary technical and market informations.
3 territories are very implicated. For example, at Dole city (25 000 inhabitants), the aim is to create a hydrogen fuelling station with a lower cost.

Resources needed

The human resources :
-The cluster “Véhicule du Futur” and the regional economy agency : several people work on this project. (animation, detection, etc.)
- 2 people work part-time on this project in the regional council
- external expertise (trough public contract)
- 30 million 30 million eur

Evidence of success

This project is based on the partenership between pionner universities and a dynamic involvement of the industrial companies. It is sustained by public autorithies. The large public is associated by the implementation of the hydrogen solution in 5 schools.
The region is received the label “hydrogen territories” by the french ministry of the Environment.
The working group is very active.
Several demonstrators are implemented in region and several projects are debuted.
2 starts up created

Difficulties encountered

Work together even if each actor has a own interest.

Potential for learning or transfer

This project is structuring in the Region. It combines several aims : territorial impact, employment creation, innovation development, energetic transition, regional influence,

It draws on the historic strengths in terms of research and companies in region and the target market is promising.
Many types of stakeholders participate at this project :
- Publics authorities (regional and local) which boost and support projects: their support (financial and political) is very important for the design and the development of this project throughout the region.
- Companies (specialised enterprises, start-up)
- Research and education in line with the objectives of the companies (skills development, investment in research equipment, adaptation of training)
- large public, in particular young people

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Main institution
Conseil Régional Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Franche-Comté, France
Start Date
September 2018
End Date


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