Production of liquid solution of highly concentrated L-amino acids derived from the hydrolysis/extraction of exclusively plant origin non-GMO raw materials.
Intensive farming involves the use of fertilizers raising concerns, due to the serious side effects such as soil compaction, soil erosion, and declining of overall soil fertility, as well as health concerns about toxic chemicals entering the food supply.
Non-GMO raw materials (plants) are input to the production of fertilizers. They are hydrolysed to extract L-amino acids and ultimately a highly concentrated liquid organic fertilizer occurs. The balanced correlation of L-amino acids is identical to plant’s physiology and L-amino acids and are directly recognizable /absorbed by plants. The produced bio-stimulator and plant nutrition product, can be combined with all fertilizers and plant protection products, is easily water soluble and most importantly environmentally friendly, self decomposed, leaving no residue as well as it facilitates direct protein synthesis required for plants growth.
The raw materials originate from farming residues (harvest, pruning) and vegetable residues (e.g. peas, green beans), gristmills residues, etc, introducing circular economy patters in the area.
The company in charge is Greek Industry of Hydrolysed Protein LLP and the main stakeholders are the neighboring facilities of fresh vegetables process whose owners provide their waste for amino acids production. Citizens and farmers who are purchasing the product are the final beneficiaries who are using the product in their biological cultivations

Resources needed

Funding/financial resources: It has been developed in cooperation with Aristotle University utilizing own funding.

Human resources: It runs on a 16h basis by approximately 25 persons (workers, engineers, chemists, agronomists and administration staff).

Evidence of success

- 45 years of successful performance in the annual Olive Fruit Fly spraying programs conducted by the Greek Ministry of Agriculture
- Proved effectiveness of the product lines (Dacus Bait 100, AMINO 16)
- Innovative composition and production method Granted European Patent 2537823 (, in the field of organic fertilizers
- Staffed in-house R&D team designing new products; 10% of annual revenue invested for experimental purposes

Potential for learning or transfer

The product is unique because of high concentration of 16 L-amino acids of plant origin and they are suitable for use in organic farming (EC 889/2008). Having as active ingredient hydrolysed plant proteins, the product is environmentally friendly, safe for use in all cultivations, safe for humans and animals. Its development (with close collaboration with scientific groups from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) proves that private and public sector collaboration may lead to innovation and sets an example to all interested authorities.
Main institution
Greek Industry of Hydrolysed Protein (EVYP LLP)
Aνατολική Μακεδονία, Θράκη, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
December 2012
End Date


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