Through the "Energy consumption management", the Regional Energy Company (SEL S.P.A.) proposes to improve the management of the entire energy supply process.
The presence of numerous local authorities and numerous public facilities involved a fragmented negotiation of the energy price with private operators. Furthermore, it was necessary to monitor the consumption points of all public facilities to eliminate losses and inefficiencies
The company acts as a Central Purchasing Body for reducing the costs of electricity and natural gas by aggregating the consumption of regional public bodies. In particular, public bidding contests periodically index for the choice of the economic operator with which to enable framework agreements for the supply of electricity and gas in favor of regional public bodies. The adoption of the policy of awarding tenders, which is the largest discount on price Consip, allows participating organizations significant savings on energy costs.
The integrated management model of Central Purchasing Body, provides financial benefits and streamlining of administrative processes.
The main beneficiaries are all public bodies of the Basilicata region (La Regine Basilicta, the municipalities, the provinces, the public health companies, the public companies of the Region).

Resources needed

It is an activity carried out with the internal human resources of the Energy Company.

Evidence of success

In 2013, the third tender for the supply of electricity called "SEL EE3" was completed, with which the affiliated organizations had a discount of 16 euros/Mwh against the discount of 10 euros/Mwh of the CONSIP (national tender) race compared to an average cost of electricity of about 80 euros/MWh. This resulted in a saving of around 1 M Euro VAT included.
In addition to economic savings, participating public players have also been able to achieve electricity consumption savings over the years

Potential for learning or transfer

The approach used with this best practice is transferable as it allows you to aggregate the consumption of electricity and gas generated from multiple agencies or public and enable better discovery processes energy supplier in the market (that is, one that offers a lower price) through public tendering procedures. The aggregation of demand favours a greater demand and then an offer which can be remunerated at the lowest price.

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Main institution
Società Energetica Lucana S.p.a.
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2013
End Date


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