É-Saúde is an electronic platform, which was developed to improve the communication between citizens and the public healthcare system.
TITTAN want a healthy and active ageing (a common European challenge) through promoting ehealth practices and the use of new devices for a healthy living and stimulating codesign and cocreation practices, with the aim of involving final users in ehealth experiences. É-Saúde is a good practice that matches all this requirements.
It covers the high demands of the user's secure identification for access to their medical records, DNIe (electronic ID), high-level security certificates, mobile identification systems (CHAVE365), etc.
The platform É-Saúde acts as a tool of personalization of services for patients by providing citizens with easy access to personalized services and contents according to their personal needs. It is oriented to towards sick and healthy citizens. It aims to be the meeting point in a virtual field between citizens and the Galician Public Health System.

Resources needed

Total founds: 1,1 M€
it needed all kind of health professionals for the elaboration and evaluation of informative materials and an expert team in ICT for the development and integration of online services.
Now, É-Saúde run on a permanent experienced technical team in management/support (3 people).

Evidence of success

Patients improve their health, being more empowered & active.
Some remarkable results on the ground:
55,000 users, 1927 content files, more than 3500 daily accesses without identification.

From É-Saúde, patients:
-get information previously checked and approved by health professionals;
-have access to training related to their disease;
-are able to challenge and ask their healthcare professionals questions easily; and
-are better informed about the need to have a more healthy lifestile

Difficulties encountered

The main challenge encountered is that around 23% of Galician population is older than 65 years old and they have difficulties in handling properly electronic devices.

Potential for learning or transfer

É-Saúde offers accessibility of health services and transforms the patient and caregivers into active agents of the improvement of their health requires, offering on-line services of high utility, quality and rigor, guaranteeing data protection. It achieves more empowered and active patients, supporting the sustainability of the Health System. Mobile technology made possible that all Galician population have access without restrictions of geographical dispersion that characterizes to our region.
This good practice can serve as a source of inspiration to other public authorities from other European regions due to it can benefit Public Administrations by reducing the frequency of visits of patients to the General Practitioner. This is due to patients are more decision-making about their diseases and they have available greater health literacy, which usually means healthier people.

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Main institution
Galician Healthcare Service
Galicia, Spain (España)
Start Date
September 2016
End Date


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