EE-SMS is based on ICT Platform, connected with local sensors network, allowing a model for monitoring energy consumption and performance in public buildings
EE-SMS is a pilot action developed within Interreg IVC RENERGY, based on a ICT Platform, connected with local sensors network, allowing new approach and model for monitoring energy consumption and energy performance in public buildings. Such system pursued the objective to increase the awareness of operators and local communities interested in management/use of public buildings concerning energy consumption through ‘real-time data’ allowing experiment and evaluation of energy saving and energy consumption rationalization. The system works on 5 sample buildings in Potenza Province and in Avrig Municipality (Romania).
Implementation considers specific installation sites for the ICT tools: school buildings. In fact, the process of technological implementation was connected with a process of local community engagement. Real data concerning specific energy consumptions was the basic information for:
●improving buildings energy management
●promoting/demonstrating users’ awareness in energy management
GP’s objectives are to exploit potentials of real data availability on energy consumption in order to stimulate empowerment actions on:
●energy management models in public buildings
●users’ awareness in energy everyday life usage model in public buildings.
Physical and technological results:
●Installed ICT monitoring systems
●Web platform for data visualization
Community involvement results:
●local groups of students performed training activities connected with GP

Resources needed

Interreg IV C- Renergy fund : about 87.000 euros
Human resources with technical skills in the use of open source software and hardware are required

Evidence of success

EE-SMS represents an experiment in investigating potential benefits of ICT installation for the improvement of users’ behaviours in public building energy management.
Real time open information was effectively a stimulating factor for users.
Also, community involvement results have been achieved in terms of increased awareness in the topics of energy consumption and efficiency thanks to performed training activities (connected with the GP) for local groups of students

Potential for learning or transfer

The idea of promoting sustainable behaviors in school community, through ICT tools allowing a real-time perception of the results generated by such behaviors, is a starting point for deep community involvement towards sustainability. The project produces also potential benefits for the management system of public buildings providing data for an effective improvement of the management model in order to save energy and resources and improving the usage quality.
The EE-SMS ICT framework is developed using an OPEN SOURCE approach. So, no costs for software licenses are required to set up. Also, the sensor network is based on OPEN HARDWARE equipment with low cost approach. It means high level in sustainability for the application and low budget for replication
The approach in design, development and assessment is compatible with EU requirements and not only local national rules. Moreover, GP is a result of cooperation among EU partners.
All these elements ensure an easy transferability

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Main institution
Province of Potenza
Basilicata, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
October 2014
End Date
December 2015


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