Province of Potenza provides strategic guidance and technical support to CoM signatories for promoting decarbonized and resilient territories for its community
On 25th September 2010, a Partnership Agreement was signed between European Commission and the Province of Potenza, that, "recognizes publicly the Province as a main actor of the Covenant with the role of Supporting and Coordinating Structure of the European Commission for the territory of the Province of Potenza".
The municipalities signatories subscribed with the Province and the Regional Energy Company of Basilicata (SEL) an ‘‘Agreement and Commitment Act’’ with which the process of drawing up the SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) started.
Since October 2016 the Province has joined the New Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy.
the GP’s aims are:
• Promote policies and focused actions to combat climate changes, to be implemented with the engagement of the Municipalities of provincial territory;
• Provide technical-methodological (thanks to SEL) and strategic assistance to the Municipalities, supporting the development and the implementation of local strategies, plans and actions at a network and wide area level;
• Identify and/or facilitate the location of the resources to support the Municipalities and the Communities for the development and implementation of local strategies, plans and actions;
• Monitor the results achieved, identify and implement corrective actions where necessary (follow up and review).
All these with the following general objectives: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving climate resilience on the provincial territory.

Resources needed

Provincial Municipalities and Communities Network used as an attractor of regional/national/ European funds. The Municipalities in some cases uses their royalties from oil or wind farms.
Human resources with technical skills in the subjects of EE and RES are also required.

Evidence of success

61 municipalities joined the Covenant (the goal was 45)
approved SEAPs by the City Councils: 40
SEAPs in progress: 11
24 monitoring reports
The critical mass gained by having 61 municipalities signing up to this agreement is key to the effectiveness of this good practice
The validity of the proposal is also demonstrated by the following acknowledgements:
- Kyoto Club Award ‘Spend without money’ to Calvello’s SEAP drawn up by SEL
- A+ CoM Award to Sasso di Castalda’s SEAP drawn up by SEL

Difficulties encountered

Some problems have been encountered in follow up activities by few Municipalities in collecting data of real energy consumptions and in calculating emissions in some sectors.
They have been overcome thanks to a strong inter-institutional cooperation model and a collaborative and bottom-up approach.

Potential for learning or transfer

The strength of the present good practice is also in its easy transferability: it can be replicated in other EU territories and contexts, in fact it includes membership of a wider EU initiative (he EU CoM) that is highly transferrable to other regions and contexts.
At the basis of the GP there are: the framework of the Covenant of Mayors for climate and energy, a public Authority with the willingness and commitment to support signatories within their geographical scope and with a close and consolidated relationship with its municipalities and communities, a shared vision on CC contrasting policies and, last but not the least, a bottom-up approach that can provide them with ownership for following-up the action over time.
So, in summary, elements at high replicability and, therefore, with high transferability potential.

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Main institution
Province of Potenza
Basilicata, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
September 2010
End Date


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