The "succession-in-germany” information platform addresses different target groups for business succession in Germany.
Business Succession is a versatile issue. It addresses multiple target groups and different types of knowledge. But how do people find specific knowledge when they are researching information for a transfer or a takeover of a company? The online-platform “” offers guidance and information for all who want to inform themselves about business succession in Germany and the different regions of Germany.
The tonality chosen to inform people is trying to reduce complexity by adding explanation in user-friendly text. Meaning not being too complicated by using technical wording or illustrate only the obstacles which can be encountered during a succession. Also the platform does not prefer one type of succession over the other, which in many other platform can be seen, since the economic interest of the platforms is driven by councillors who are in the market for personal monetary gains.
The platform also offers a good insight in the current situation of business succession, and to what kind of topics are relevant for different groups. The connection with other instruments (e.g. successionwiki, or the success-o-meter) offer a unique information portfolio. Around 1500 unique visits (tracked by google analytics) can be accounted for each week to this platform.
The platform also contains information in English.

Resources needed

There are two dimensions needed:
Content requirements: Detailed knowledge about the general topics concerning business succession in a certain region. Social interaction, networking with contributors and established networks.
Technical requirements: Ability to create a website.

Evidence of success

Around 200.000 people have visited the website over the last years, it has become a central hub for succession-knowledge-information in Germany. We have linked to over 400 organizations, which have created backlinks and the project has got funding from the German ministry of economics.

Difficulties encountered

It was quite hard to get this initiative started since may established players in the filed do earn money with this kind of services. We provide this as a free information-service. Also it was quite challenging to establish a certain quality-control for the content.

Potential for learning or transfer

The difficulty in general can be seen, that there is a vast amount of knowledge about business succession on the market. Nevertheless this knowledge usually is not free for use or hidden in complicated websites of councilors or advisors. Many publically hosted platforms have the challenge that the knowledge focuses on addressing and raising questions but rarely offer answers. The succession-in-germany-platform differs greatly from this because it does not simply ask questions “Did you think about something…?” but more works in the format “Have you thought about…?” – If you have not here you find the relevant answers for your issue and here are some examples about someone who could help you with this. (e.g. the partner-network-list in the nachfolgewiki which lists over 800 regional partners for business succession-planning in Germany)

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Main institution
Berlin School of Economics and Law
Berlin, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
April 2013
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