One-Stop-Shop Government Windows as the Initiation of Equal Access to Public Services
The reason behind the practice:
- Improve the client/customer oriented character of administrative services
- Increase the efficiency of service provision by means of achieving economies of scale
- Ensure uniform service standards across service areas and geographical regions
GW Administration
Main portfolio:
• legal framework,
• management of the implementation,
• coordination,
• supervision,
• operation of some of the services.
Actors involved:
• Metropolitan and County Government Offices
• Office of Public Administration and Justice (KIH)
• National University of Public Service (NKE)
• Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEK KH)  Vice Secretariat in the Ministry of Interior
• National Infocommunications Service Provider Ltd. (NISZ Zrt.)
• Ministry of Interior
• Ministry of National Development
• Ministry of National Economy
• Ministry of Human Capacities
• The National Council for Telecommunications and Informatics (NHIT)

April 1, 2017: 263 Government Windows
• metropolitan and county districts within the organization of metropolitan and county government offices, joint employment office branches, also multilevel junctions such as railway stations and malls
• 1575 administrative procedures (10 complimentary services – e.g. Client Gate registration – within)

Resources needed

EU Funds and government sources for physical (infrastructure), ICT and human pillars (training)

Evidence of success

EPSA 2015 Best Practice – client oriented, transparent, accessible and effective administration; cost reduction; constantly growing task portfolio; customer satisfaction above 95%

Difficulties encountered

There was an initial uncertainty on behalf of citizens; constant improvement is necessary

Potential for learning or transfer

Learning the methods and techniques applied, having specific information about the infrastructure and human capacity required, this GP has a high transferability in all regions where simplification and accessibility is a must have.
Main institution
Prime Minister´s Office - Hungary
Közép-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
January 2011
End Date


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