Client gateway established to access several eGovernment services
Starting with the establishment of the Government Portal, Hungary introduced its first electronic government programme in 2001 offering several interactive information services. Hungary's eGovernment portal, ( was launched in September 2003 as an institutional portal and a services platform as well (content originated from more than 40 different government websites). In 2005, the transactional gateway called the ‘Client Gate’ (“Ügyfélkapu”) was launched.
A Client Gate account can be opened personally at Government Windows (PSCs), National Tax and Customs Administration or online (having a qualified digital signature). Following secure identification, customers gain access to several eGovernment services. Signing in the system, more than 1000 services are available including those related to life events or electronic application to higher education. Client Gate provides storage also so citizens can store their official documents received from public authorities. Since 2015, Client Gate acts also as an electronic application submission platform for different application schemes. Focusing on business actors, Client Gate provides access to the following services: services for employers and employees; personal annual tax declaration and company tax declaration; VAT declaration; company registration (via an attorney-at-law); statistical data provision; customs declaration; e-Procurement; permissions related to environment protection.

Resources needed

The establishment, development, operation and maintenance of the Client Gate is financed by EU Funds and government sources: EU Funds for the development of e-government solutions including ICT infrastructure as well as government sources have been applied at national level.

Evidence of success

Client Gate is considered as the most important eGovernment application in Hungary. With its widespread application, this central electronic administration web service provides easy and time efficient solutions for both citizens and businesses. In 2015 Client Gate had around 2 million registered users, and more than two thousand forms are available for download, with tax declaration, notification, account services, healthcare and social status and company registry inquiries.

Difficulties encountered

At the beginning, citizens' willingness to use client gate and e-government solutions in general was relatively low. Regular infrastructural review/update and human resource skills development required.

Potential for learning or transfer

As the formulation and operation of this GP needs specific resources, transferability is moderate.
Main institution
Prime Minister´s Office - Hungary
Közép-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
January 2005
End Date


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