The Credinfo system provides competitive, transparent and user-friendly services for SMEs through micro-financing organisations.
The Credinfo system is used for giving out loans/grants to SMEs and monitoring these loans. The system has been launched in 2009, spread from 2010 and used exclusively by Hungarian micro-financing organisations. The system is regularly amended with new functions, supporting both front-end and back-office activities. It allows us to handle electronically all of the processes of handling a loan, including
• the upload of the application and annexes by the applicant,
• the assessment of the loan,
• contracting,
• monitoring/repayment,
• the optional problem handling and
• the client communication relating to these tasks.
Consisting of an open web-portal, a company register, an online credit claim platform, credit assessment system and back-office platform, Credinfo strongly contributed to the increased performance of the micro-financing sector in Hungary, providing benefit for entrepreneurs and companies, micr-financing sector and its institutions as well as managing authorities.
The most important outcome was a competitive, transparent and user-friendly service concerning loans and small grants given to SMEs.

Resources needed

Key actors: the network of Foundations for Enterprise Development in Hungary (in each county). The investment was a private investment.

Evidence of success

Using this system makes micro-financing organisations more competitive, requiring less paper-based documents, easier and smotther communication with clients and wider accessibility of the progress and process real-time data.
The new system provides opportunity to offer more tailor-made solutions (products) to clients, collect their feedbacks, and increase micro-financing institutions' revenues. The administrative process decreased to 3 weeks compared to former 6-8 weeks.

Difficulties encountered

Not applicable

Potential for learning or transfer

As it is an IT system, it provides flexible transferability. The only issues are the implementation of local languages and local legal framework. Particularly organisations working in the field of micro-financing can take the advantage of the system; as it is seen in Hungary, Credinfo significantly supported the development of the micro-financing sector, the enlargement of the number of clients financed and the volume of credits provided.

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Main institution
Észak-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
June 2009
End Date


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