IP technology-based telephone customer service for citizens and enterprises
Aiming to provide customer services with less administration burden in a more comfortable way, the National Tax and Customs Administration launched its new service in 2009 called Telephone Customer Service and Administration System (“Ügyféltájékoztató és Ügyintéző rendszer – ÜCC”). This IP technology-based solution offers service for citizens and business representatives as well according to county (scope of authority) and administrative specialization (managing several tax issues through telephone).
Using the system requires an individual identification code (PIN, customer identification number) and the customer’s tax number. Not only individuals but legal/authorized representatives of e.g. enterprises are entitled to manage administrative procedures of taxation.
Several tax issues (17) are covered by the service. To make the application easier, a clear and easily understandable menu map provides detailed information on where to find specific information and where to step in to manage administrative task issues.
Following the discussion with the Tax Officer, customers’ have the opportunity to listen again the whole discussion – the recorded talk is available for 90 days.

Resources needed

Financial information is not available (central government sources were applied); both infrastructural development (further refinement of earlier telephone customer service) and human resource (trainings) were applied.

Evidence of success

Operating since 2009, this revised service is proved to be one of the most efficient solutions when direct contact is required between the taxpayers including companies and the NTCA. In 2017, there were 182.000 calls in the system; 99% of cases has been successfully managed.

Difficulties encountered

When launching the service, for some customers it was hard to understand that there is a starting process of getting the identification number (PIN) and it needs some preparation on their side as well. Although the system was planned for individual and company users, particularly entrepreneurs use.

Potential for learning or transfer

In case of similar needs, evaluating the necessary conditions (IT and human infrastructure, legal background, willingness of customers to use digital solutions, etc.), assessing the potential methodology and tools as well as potential limits, the GP has a high transferability particularly for organisations having customers using both the digital platforms and the dedicated offices (personal administration). Following identification (4-digit PIN) and the selection of issue, customers can contact an experienced officer dedicated to the specific issue who provides up-to-date information and support for the caller. The main advantage is to complete a whole administrative process through a safe and identified phone call in different themes, e.g. applications, corrections, individual informartion of taxes paid and tax declarations.
Main institution
National Tax and Customs Administration
Közép-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
January 2009
End Date


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