The Green Ticket is a new transport ticket, is a 3 year free pass, for citizens who get rid of their old pollutant vehicles.
The Green Ticket is a 3 year free pass for all public transport in the Barcelona integrated zone, for residents who get rid of their old pollutant vehicles (car / motorcycle). Citizens are entitled to this ticket with the only condition of not buying another vehicle.

The general objective of the Green Ticket is promoting the use of public transport, with the strategic goals of eliminating old pollutant cars and motorcycles from circulation, reducing pollution, improving air quality, and attracting new public transport users fostering modal change.

The implementation of the good practice included agreements between stakeholders on conditions and funding, normative approval, obtaining means (human and technological) and capacitation, manufacturing tickets, communication to citizens (explaining the conditions and how to get the ticket) and ticket distribution.
The main stakeholders involved are AMB (management) and the transport authority (ATM) at the strategic level.
Citizens who have old vehicles are the main beneficiaries, as they are provided with a compensatory measure to ease their mobility. The rest of citizens also benefit from the measure, as it improves air quality for everyone.

Resources needed

AMB invests 102 600 €/year in:
- Ticket manufacturing = 4 000 €/year (external company)
- Ticket distribution = 3 300 €/year (external company)
- Human resources and computer applications = 95 300 €/year

Evidence of success

The Green Ticket is a good practice as it promotes public transport, reduces pollution, improves air quality and is aligned with AMB environmental policy, Results (January – June 2018):
- 291 884 trips
- 2 283 users
- 35 trips / month / user
The number of trips and users has increased over 50% in the last 2 months (April - June) and the ratio trips / user is similar to other tickets, which means that it is used in everyday mobility.

Difficulties encountered

In the area where Green Ticket is valid there are several public administrations with competences in mobility. One of the main difficulties was reaching an agreement among them and coordinating them for the implementation.
And communicating the new rules related to the LEZ to citizens.

Potential for learning or transfer

The experience of Green Ticket can be implemented in other cities or regions because the environmental reality taking place in European metropolises (air pollution, traffic density, etc.) is similar to the case of Barcelona. Any city or metropolitan area with an integrated transport system should be able to copy the measure.

For that, it is important to have the necessary funding, which is relatively low comparing to the benefits obtained, coordination among all stakeholders involved, as well as good communication to citizens.

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Main institution
Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
October 2017
End Date


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