IDM Film Fund and Commission Facilitate and support interregional and international cooperation for film productions
IDM Film Funding & Commission considers itself a mediator between the Italian- and German-language film and television industries. Since 2010, we have administrated the funds made available by the Region of South Tyrol for economically oriented film funding; funds which are among the most extensive in all of Italy.
We offer our competence and knowledge of the Italian- and German-speaking markets but also fundamental information about national and regional film funding systems in Italy, Germany, Austria and other European-wide support programs.
Services are:
- Location and Personnel Scouting
South Tyrol has a lot of unique locations and settings to offer, with two online instruments: The Location Database and the Directory, both of which provide keyword research information about appropriate locations and the desired infrastructure.
- Shooting Permits
We help to obtain shooting permits. Productions make the decisions as to how much assistance they would like to take advantage of.
- Individual Location and Production Support
Upon request and with concrete plans to shoot in South Tyrol, we gladly organize and provide with a location scout and help you with a location tour.
- Legislation & Taxes
The film department of IDM provides important information about basic legal and tax regulations for film productions in Italy.
IDM generally support film and television projects of all genres in the form of grants.

Resources needed

IDM Film Fund & Commission has a budget of about 5 Million Euro per year for financing projects and there are 8 people working full-time in the team.

Evidence of success

Support is granted independently of the location of the production company submitting the application. IDM evaluate the submitted funding applications solely on cultural and economic criteria. We take into consideration planned investments in South Tyrol which contribute to the strengthening and developing of the region as a media location.
For production funding, IDM calculate an economic territorial effect of 150% in reference to the corresponding funding amount.

Potential for learning or transfer

A long-term goal of South Tyrol’s Film Fund & Commission is to create an efficient personnel and services infrastructure in the province’s audio-visual sector. It also aims to further increase the attractiveness of the province as a location for external film productions and contribute to the overall economic value in the region.
In order to achieve these economic goals and to maximize the potential of the sector for South Tyrol as a film location, IDM provides the appropriate measures to ensure that policy, the overall economy, the culture sector, the education and continuing education sector, and the financial sector all work together.
Main institution
IDM Südtirol Alto Adige
Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2010
End Date


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