EIXO ATLANTICO, a cross-border body working in Galicia-North Portugal, promotes common actions for tourism under the slogan Two Countries, One Destination
Historically each city promotes tourism on its own. We have implemented the philosophy that together we are stronger and more attractive, so able to get better opportunities
We valorizate the complementarity of the cities of our urban system to achieve longer stays and our cross-border character as a differentiating element of market seduction
The strategy followed by Eixo in the field of tourism focuses mainly (although not exclusively) on the promotion of local tourism, valorizating the internal market of 7 million inhabitants that the Euroregion has, with the capacity to move in the territory 52 weekends a year. The strategy is oriented to promote mutual knowledge, the creation of wealth in the territory and to avoid as much as possible the phenomenon of seasonalization
To implement the strategy, we use several elements:
-Touristic guides of thematic content that we edit every 2 years. On average, we distribute around 60,000 units in 3 languages (ES, PT & EN). In addition, we also produce an electronic version in Galician
-EXPOCIDADES. It is a tourism fair focused on tourism of proximity. We organize this fair every two years in one of the cities of Eixo Atlantico. At this fair, our cities show their touristic offer while we gather touristic operators to boost the market in the proximity field
-Seminar to Exchange Experience. Once a year, cities discuss around a central theme, think about common strategies and present their news in the field of tourism promotion

Resources needed

It is financed with Eixo's own resources (quotas of its members) and European projects. The main source of financing is the INTERREG Crossborder Cooperation Program between Spain and Portugal.

Evidence of success

Nº of guides published – 4
Nº of copies of each guide – 65.000

Potential for learning or transfer

Border territories within the EU have similar characteristics. For them the border is not an obstacle but it should be seen as an opportunity to create critical mass and to differentiate these territories from the others.
Create crossborder tourism strategies is a way to create synergies between territories and capitalize important tourism assets.
The experience accumulated in the Galician-North Portugal border can be valuable for other regions, regarding not only the idea but also the way to implement it and update it according to the evolution of the territory.

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Main institution
Atlantic Axis of Peninsular Northwest
Galicia, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2009
End Date


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