ERGO is a programme of actions for the international promotion of the economic and knowledge systems of Emilia-Romagna.
Through this programme, ER Region offers companies and other public and private organisations a wide ranging set of opportunities to support their internationalisation processes, from early stages to more advanced forms of international presence. Actions are carried out both directly by the Region and indirectly, and include the following axis of intervention: 1) information, training and economic intelligence; 2) cooperation agreements with regional/provincial institutional counterparts in target countries; 3) organisation of business and/or institutional meetings and/or promotional events (including cultural events) in target countries or with incoming delegations; 4) setting of priorities and evaluation criteria for the selection of projects to be financed through open calls, including call for systemic promotional projects, call for non-exporting SMEs, call for Internationalisation Consortia, call for SMEs participation to international fairs, call for internationalisation of regional fairs system,; 5) joint promotional projects in target countries with business unions, chambers of commerce and businesses as final beneficiaries; 6) Attraction of foreign investments (scouting, lead generation, call for investment projects under regional Law 14/14, marketing and promotion, agreements with local authorities, communication). The final beneficiaries of the Programme are regional companies (mainly SMEs), universities/research centres.

Resources needed

Depending on annual budget availability, on average about 10 million/year

Evidence of success

In 2017: 1 Observatory on internationalisation, 95 informative events, 4 country coordination forums (Iran, Kazakhstan, Cina, USA), 755 companies co-financed, 300 companies in joint promotional actions, 3 strategic projects (start-ups in Silicon Valley, World Food Forum in China, Agrofood India), 7 Clust-ER set - up in the S3 sectors 4 institutional/business missions (EXPO ASTANA 2017, New York, China, Guangdong), 100 cultural events co-financed/supported

Difficulties encountered

- Lessons learnt

Potential for learning or transfer

Bearing in mind that according to the Italian Constitution promoting internationalisation, foreign trade and investments are a shared competence between Central and Regional Governments, the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna designed and approved - in close consultation with its stakeholders - the GO GLOBAL programme 2016 – 2020, with the ultimate goal of concentrating efforts and resources on initiatives and actions of strategic importance for the whole regional system (businesses, universities and research centres, fairs, etc) and in coordination and synergy with national level programmes and actors. In brief, ERGO is a methodological and coordination tool for an effective alignment of the different actions by the Region and its partners on priority markets and sectors. As such, it has a significant potential for transfer, if it is adapted to the specific socio-economic, institutional and governance features of each regional context.
Main institution
Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
May 2016
End Date
December 2020


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