BIOPRO’s ambition is to find new ways of making biotech production more efficient and sustainable through funding of viable start-ups.
BIOPRO’s ambition is to find new ways of making biotech production more efficient and sustainable.
Biopro does this by bringing in real-world biotech manufacturing challenges into Biopro and, in conjunction, selecting and funding start-ups to solve the challenges.
Hence the startup becomes an encapsuled entity to solve a manufactoring challenge. If the startups succeeds in solving the challenge, the startup will
continue expanding its business and go global.

The biggest challenge for biotech startups is the possibility to test a product in a real world, full-scale setting. Making a viable test setup is too big an economical challenge for all biotech start-ups, so they need a large company with a full scale running production.
The biotech companies in Biotech removes the test-obstacle for the start-ups and their own benefit. The start-ups gets a test setup, the large companies gets solutions for their production, improving the quality, efficiency and economic viability of their production.
The start-ups use the large biotech companies in Biopro to develop and test their product. Subsequently the large biotech companies can become the first customers for the start-ups improving the chance of success vastly.

BIOPRO is founded by five large Danish biotech companies (CHR Hansen, CP Kelco, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes and Ørsted) , a venture company, Tecnical Univeristy of Denmark, University of Copenhagen and Region Zealand.

Resources needed

Biopro was initiated by Region Zealand together with the funding partners via financing from regional funds and the ERDF. Biopro received ERDF funding for a total of 4,95 million € from three different ERDF projects.

Evidence of success

Results so far
9 biotech manufacturing start-ups and 40 high-skill jobs in 3 years

BIOPRO has a portfolio of projects based on industry needs to increase yield and sustainability as well as to challenge new research.

A number of projects in 6 project groups: Fermentation, recovery process, real time monitoring, plant-wide optimization, water & energy, people (talent development).

Potential for learning or transfer

Region Zealand has funded and used Biopro as a mean to support the fostering of hightech startups, with a high probability of success.
The overall vision, is to start a cluster of biotech manufactoring.

Regions with sectoral competitive advantages or sectoral agglomeration have the possibilty to combine the solving of core production development issues with the ability to foster high tech start-ups.
Directions for transfer to other regions:
- Gather a group of larger companies with similar challenges
- Gather the challenges and fomulate them as a business case
- Setup a startup based on the most viable business cases
- Hire people from the industry or the involved larger companies to maximize success probability
- The startup will develop a product ready for testing in a large scale test setup
- If the test succeeds, the startups continue the product - and business development and later on export development.

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Main institution
Sjælland, Denmark (Danmark)
Start Date
September 2012
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