Cross Care supports the development and implementation of care innovations by offering cross-border living lab infrastructure in Belgium and the Netherlands.
CrossCare is aiming at accelerating care innovations by supporting entrepreneurs in their experimental development thus facilitating market introduction. An essential part of CrossCare is the living lab setting that is offered to companies and care institutions. Thanks to the living labs, entrepreneurs and developers can develop their products or services with a maximum chance of success with their target group(s). CrossCare helps them by testing new or improved care concepts, services, processes and products with end users. Each innovation project receives tailor-made support from both a Flemish and a Dutch living lab. This cross-border approach offers access to a broad ecosystem to foster collaborations throughout the entire care and value chain. It also enables entrepreneurs to gain experience in international business and is opening up a bigger, cross-border market for them. Promising project ideas are selected based on a short description and video. After being selected, project ideas are supported to prepare a full proposal, including a description of the living lab support. The progress of awarded projects is monitored and if needed, projects receive support to be successful. Selected SME's also receive financial support. More info:

Resources needed

CrossCare is financed by the Interreg VA programme Vlaanderen – Nederland. Total budget is € 10.091.625,55 of which € 4.999.353,18 (49.54%) funded by Interreg.

Evidence of success

There was a lot of interest from Belgian and Dutch companies for the CrossCare programme. A few facts and figures:
Wave 1: application 68 projects – 9 supported – €2.687.814
Wave 2: application 54 projects – 8 supported – €2.599.190
Wave 3: application 38 projects – 2 supported – € 196.250
Wave 4: applications expected by 24th September 2018

Difficulties encountered

- Rules of the Interreg VA Vlaanderen Nederland programme are complex and sometimes limiting, eg. self-employed persons aren’t elegible for this grant programme.
- The quality of the proposals and the match with Crosscare is the highest when applicants are supported in the applicatiion phase.

Potential for learning or transfer

The transferability of Cross Care is high. A support measure like CrossCare could be easily implemented in other regions, with a sufficiently wide range of innovations and a living lab infrastructure that can be further developed. We have experienced that the existing living lab infrastructure is strengthened by the substantial number of pilots that are supported within CrossCare. These pilots increase the experience with living lab tools and stimulate the development of new tools. They also reinforce the collaboration between neighbouring countries.
Main institution
Thomas More University College
Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium (Belgique-België)
Start Date
September 2018
End Date


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