RaPaPro is a creative partnership programme fostering creative, entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary & “design-thinking” skills among cultural education pupils.
The RaPaPro programme was initiated in 2014 with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Latvia in order to facilitate a collaboration among vocational cultural education institutions (involving art, design, music and dance schools), municipalities, business, social groups and other representatives of society in order to bring the creative ideas into “life”.
RaPaPro’s edition is organised every year to motivate students and their teaching staff to come out of their comfort zones – beyond the well-known borders of their educational programme – and build up yet unprecedented and undiscovered forms of cooperation with other sectors and develop unified ideas in a form of creative partnership, communication and cooperation skills, understanding in cultural and creative industries development.
Partnership formula: PARTNER X + PARTNER Y + PARTNER Z = RESULT
Example of one of the implemented projects: Project “From Letter to Sound” (2016) implemented in the city Rēzekne – a fully equipped bus stop with the creative design, name of the stop, improved bench and solution for lighting were created as well as the newly designed 20 bus schedules with route plans and the 6 sound compositions announcing 6 bus stops in the public buses were developed to improve accessibility for people with sight problems, the elderly and children to the public transport in Rēzekne city.

Resources needed

Annual implementation costs: ~ 36 000 EUR (supported by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia and the Latvian National Centre for Culture). The RaPaPro project is managed by project manager and expert, for publication – editor, layout designer, translator and proof-reader.

Evidence of success

* In 22 implemented projects from 2014 to 2017, students gained significant knowledge and skills in the process of management, business (what the cooperation between client & contractor really means), creation of a new ideas & “creative thinking”.
* 24 vocational educational institutions from 8 Latvian cities representing music, design, arts and dance schools were involved in the programme.
* After each programme edition, a publication showing results (student projects) is produced.

Potential for learning or transfer

The participants of RaPaPro can benefit from a better understanding of the future. The project has allowed them to learn the anatomy of business in the creative industries, collaborate with students from different educational backgrounds and make others believe in their ideas.
Additional value of the RaPaPro programme is characterised by the ability not only to facilitate a number of interdisciplinary skills that would be demanded in the future but also to foster collaboration between different stakeholders from creative industries.
The implementation of RaPaPro programme shows positive outcomes as this type of collaboration with other communities and sectors opens-up completely new perspectives and opportunities where skills of the cultural education students can be applied and create unique collaboration forms that are mutually favourable and beneficial.
The concept of RaPaPro programme can be useful and easily adapted in each geographical area.
Main institution
Ministry of Culture
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
May 2014
End Date


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