Energy renovation of Primary school Makole with the co-financing share of 85% from the European cohesion fund
The Primary school Makole building has been built in 1980. Due to high energy costs for heating, the owner of the building (Municipality Makole) has decided to renovate the building.
To reach the foreseen saving, following measures were implemented:
• Implementation of measures on the buildings envelope:
- Windows
- Façade
- Attic
• Implementation of measures on technical systems:
- Optimization of the heating system
- Installation of a wood pellet boiler
It is a good practice in terms of improving in terms of ensuring environmentally friendly and energy-efficient spatial conditions for children in the context of educational process and improving working conditions for employees. It was co-financed by European cohesion fund. Subsidy granted by the Call: Co-financing of operations for energy rehabilitation of buildings owned by local communities.
These renovations can be easy transferred into other regions, especially if there is availability of European cohesion fund or other sources.

Resources needed

Total investment for energy renovation of the Primary school Anica Černejeva Makole has been 332.289,54 EUR. 234.394,74 EUR were covered by the Cohesion fund and 97.894,80 EUR by the local community.

Evidence of success

After implementing energy efficiency measures there are energy savings of 115,432 MWh/year The energy production from renewable sources is 103,202 MWh/year.
Beside energy and money savings, the conditions for children have improved as well as the working conditions for employers.
The building is now environmental friendly and energy efficient.

Potential for learning or transfer

Energy efficiency measures can be applied to any other public, private or residential building that is willing to reduce energy consumption and to save money.
It is easily transferable to other regions, specially if there is availability of any kind of funds for the implementation of these measures (European cohesion fund, national funds, etc.).
Main institution
Municipality Makole
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
June 2013
End Date
October 2014


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