Fishing tourism in the open air museum in the Northern part of the Venice lagoon, a good practice about fishermen’s’ culture and traditions on site
An ancient cooperative (1896) of island fishermen to increase income linked only to fishing has decided to diversify activities including fishing tourism, a way to share with visitors the culture and tradition of fishing in lagoon as intangible heritage/interpretation facilities. During the excursion with a fisherman, participants are given multilingual tablets as audio guide system containing a menu about the map of excursions, the fish species, the traditional techniques of fishing, the natural environment, the nutritional information of local fish and for human health, the recipes.
iLagoon is an innovative and revolutionary application for iPad for tourism, which acts as an interactive guide at your service during the fishing-tourism activity. The best possible combination of hardware and software aimed at creating a product-service that surpasses traditional audio-guide systems in terms of usability of the contents and ergonomics of use. The automatic recognition of polar coordinates, associated to the area of interest, allows the visitor to access the content related to the object that interests him in a simple and comfortable way.
The proposed video / audio guide is equipped with a touch screen where you can play videos, audio, images and texts. iLagoon is therefore the necessary tool for a rewarding journey in a land rich in traditions and culture.

Resources needed

Human resources are fishermen, next commitments are: enhancing the languages, the Gps activation, creating an App online.

Evidence of success

ILagoon is proud to present the important traditional activities of the fishing activities of the lagoon as an open air museum. In quantitative terms, professional fishermen who integrate their activity with fishing tourism are seven, with six authorized fishing boats. thus representing 8% of the social structure of San Marco Cooperative. Number of visitors is limited; the excursion is characterized by a slow, naturalistic and cultural experience. Up to 30/9/2018, we have had 670 visitors.

Difficulties encountered

Fishing tourism aims to promote alternative tourism encouraging a correct approach to nature, through the direct transfer of knowledge. The interaction with the environment of fishermen should not be ignored, as deep connoisseurs of wetlands, deriving from it the very possibility of their survival.

Potential for learning or transfer

Fishermen use iLagoon as an integrative element to the excursion of fishing tourism to represent, through multimedia technological aid, the culture and tradition of the fishing community of the northern lagoon of Venice. It is an integrative activity of fishing that enhances the image of the work of professional fishermen as well as enriching the naturalistic culture and visitors, helping to protect the biodiversity of the lagoon fish heritage: an important element from an environmental but also from a food point of view, for a healthy and varied diet. So, what can be "replicated" is the multidisciplinary concept used to implement the activity of fishing tourism, that is: total integration between technological innovation, ergonomic tools, experience recalling the secular culture of traditional fishing and the environmental heritage fish. From 2019 we will also combine a birdwatching experience focusing on the food chain of the Venice lagoon. Multidisciplinarity is the key.

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Main institution
Cooperative of fishermen
Veneto, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Nasos Hadjigeorgiou

Pafos Regional Board of Tourism