The Stallazzo is a social green project promoted and managed by Solleva, a social cooperative. It's a regenerated place strictly close to the Paderno Canal.
The practice was introduced in 2016 to turn an old structure standing between the towpath of the Paderno Canal and the right bank of the Adda River, into a visitor centre for cultural information and practical assistance. Thanks to the restoration of that ancient inn for boaters and rest point for horses, the Stallazzo has been converted into a point of refreshment and information. It is part of the "Ecomuseum Adda di Leonardo”, into the green Adda Nord Park area. The practice let employ marginalized people giving them an opportunity of being socially re-included and to earn their salaries (green jobs). The Stallazzo is open every day, the whole year along, generally from 9 a.m. to the sunset.
This objective has been reached also thanks to the presence of about 30 volunteers of the Solleva Association who alternate themselves in turns during the opening time of the structure to support the ecomuseum visitors and the Stallazzo activities. The Stallazzo provides the following services: - Ecomuseum reception station for visitors such as bikers, walkers, families, students. - Lunch or supper at very cheap prices (i.e. 10 euros -max. 20) - Assistance service with supply of equipments for bicycle repairs. The Stallazzo is also a venue for photographic and artistic exhibitions and for cultural events promoted by the Solleva Association. Also the structure has a great relevance since it stands near below the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Rocchetta (XIV century),

Resources needed

The Stallazzo has covered all its costs for current services. The total annual income of 120,000 euros will enable the cooperative to invest furthermore in its strutctures to improve the efficiency of the services offered to the visitors.

Evidence of success

Thanks to a careful politics of communication and to the careful control of the quality of the services, the Stallazzo has doubled its visitors since 2016. In 2018 the positive trend can be confirmed, with a further improvement of the performances esteemed more than 50%.

Difficulties encountered

The Stallazzo site is quite isolated. The lack of accessibility required a great investment of resources both economic and human in order to enable the cooperative to provide current services Also big efforts have been done in recruiting and training the staff (volunteers and employed)

Potential for learning or transfer

The work of socially job disadvantaged people would produce a virtuous circuit and a true occasion of hope. Moreover that will give even an opportunity for green jobs as the valorization of the territorial and human resources would arise interest and generate new kinds of economy founded on the sustainable exploitation of the water heritage strictly linked to culture and to the promotion of responsible responses for solidarity. Culture, Environment, Solidarity: that is the winning formula of the practice of the Stallazzo.

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Main institution
Solleva Social Cooperative
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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