The objective was promotion of cycling around the three cities: Milanówek, Brwinów and Podkowa Leśna.
Good practice covers all activities since the creation of the association between the communes to obtaining co-financing, dialogue with stakeholders, preparation of documentation and implementation. This practice will be developed in the future through further activities encouraging active participation. Such long-term action allows for a lasting change in behavior and quality of life in the city. Good practice requires the long-term participation and cooperation of municipalities.
Adequate pedestrian and cycling conditions are essential to guarantee everybody a minimal level of mobility (“basic mobility”). Any planning should be based on an overall problem statement, vision, and general goals. The vision and goals help determine specific objectives. This also determines the evaluation criteria that will be used for prioritizing actions, programs, projects, and tasks. An effective planning process involves various stakeholders, including staff from other related agencies, potential users, and other groups who may be impacted by the plan. This process can provide long-term benefits and support the plan’s implementation by educating officials and community members about pedestrian and cycling issues, establishing communication between technical staff and users, addressing potential conflicts, and creating an on-going framework for pedestrian and cycling planning.
Social campaign "Cycling around the Warsaw's suburban Garden Tri-city” is derived from the willingness to involved

Resources needed

The activity was led by director of Cultural Centre of Milanówek as a part of her regular working tasks in a scope of project supported from state budget. The resources needed consist of part of the director of Cultural Center salary, costs for organizing campaign- approx. 8.300 Euro.

Evidence of success

The campaign was based on the inhabitants' activities and ideas.
Thanks to this practice we managed to Involved stakeholders and citizens in public process: many organizations confirmed their involving in bicycle’s projects in the future (e.g. Municipal Police).the finals „Bicycle Milanówek” guide was created. This guide consists of 5 cycling trails in the area of Warsaw’s suburban Garden Tri-City" (Brwinów, Podkowa Leśna, Milanówek).

Potential for learning or transfer

This campaign is a practice which increase social awareness, direct involvement of inhabitants and stakeholders of 3 Municiplatities. Proper management of permanent changes must involve staging tasks, involving participants, raising funds and sustaining the obtained results. It provides important information which together with other inputs create base for policy making process.
This practice can be transferred to other regions, as a process to share results for the future involvement citizens and stakeholders in important public projects (e.g. modernization of bicycle infrastructure) and at the same time to gather suggestions and useful needs to direct the actions in the best way.

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Main institution
Municipality of Milanówek
Mazowieckie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
April 2018
End Date


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