Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) supports National Health Service (NHS) staff in Scotland to develop innovative solutions.

SHIL aims to act as a technology transfer and commercialisation body for NHS Scotland. Prior to SHIL being established, there was no clear route to commercialisation through the NHS, and with over 160,000 people working in health and social care in Scotland, there was a huge pool of untapped ideas and innovations for the improvement of patient care. Through a range of services staff can now feel empowered to look for new ways to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens in Scotland.
Services provided include:
• Project management
• Market research
• Funding
• Intellectual Property protection
• Sourcing of development collaborators
• Company Spin-Out services
• Regulatory consultancy

Resources needed

Scottish Health Innovations Limited has 9 members of staff and is a private limited company, with 3 shareholders – Scottish Government’s Chief Scientist Office, NHS Tayside and Golden Jubilee National Hospital.

Evidence of success

To date SHIL have developed and commercialised a number of products and technologies which have made a significant change to patient care, in addition to spinning out several companies which have gone to become world leading in their field.

Products include - TO UniDENT ; SCRAM Bag 2.0 ; Ambulance Child Restraint ; Rhinopinch ; Prism Glasses ; U-Net

Spinout Companies include: Ambicare Health ; Ardihia ; Aurum Biosciences ; CardoPrecision Ltd ; Clear Surgical ; TouchBionics

Difficulties encountered

When SHIL started, clarification was needed on Intellectual Property rights when commercialising on behalf of a member of National Health Service Staff. This was over come by developing a clear understanding if IP rights for both parties.

Potential for learning or transfer

Scottish Health Innovations Ltd has been set up to work with health and care staff in Scotland, and foster a culture of innovation with an environment where it staff may have traditionally found it difficult to bring their innovations and ideas to reality, which would benefit other regions.
Main institution
Scottish Health Innovations Limited
South Western Scotland, United Kingdom
Start Date
January 2002
End Date


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