Launched in late 2014, the TEC programme is a Scotland-wide programme designed to increase citizen choice and control in health, wellbeing and care services.
The programme was set up to respond to the need for service transformation in the context of rising demand for health and social care. By providing central funding to a dedicated Technology Enabled Care (TEC) programme, the aim is to drive deployment at a local level alongside national infrastructure and support work, and to place Scotland the forefront of innovative approaches to Technology Enabled Care. There is particular focus to; Shift from projects/initiatives to strategic and scalable developments, embed technology as a fundamental contribution to service redesign and transformation and to create an environment for innovation opportunities to thrive and information the future direction of TEC in Scotland.

Resources needed

10.3 million Euros in 2015/16 and 10.5 million Euros in 2016/17 and 2017/18

Evidence of success

•The TEC programme has benefited over 80,000 new citizens to access TEC enabled services which include:
18,000 new citizens benefiting from home & mobile health monitoring
Support to deliver the largest Scale up blood pressure monitoring in the UK
90 Active clinics delivering 47,000 consultations using Attend Anywhere (NHS VC facility)
Supported over 40,000 new citizens to use telecare services
Supported over 22,500 new citizens to access online self management platforms/information hubs.

Difficulties encountered

Barriers encountered have included; User resistance, staff resistence, lack of digital skills to use the systems, connectivity (particularly in rural areas), interoperability issues/switching between systems, complex funding/procurement systems. These barriers are bieng addressed.

Potential for learning or transfer

Work carried out through the TEC Programme, along with existing core infrastructure work carried out under the eHealth Strategy, has led to a decision to create an overarching Digital Health &Care Strategy for Scotland which was released in 2018. This strategy encompasses all aspects of digital health and care, from innovation through to service transformation. The TEC programme is an award winning and highly recognised exemplar programme both in terms of national approach to driving forward citizen facing digital technology offerings at scale and its ambitious delivery plan. The design of the programme, use of a central implementation model and strong focus on continuous evaluation and improvement support are key pillars of the programme which are now replicated across the UK. There are a number of key publications/resources which can be shared with other regions.
Main institution
Scottish Government
South Western Scotland, United Kingdom
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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