Scotland's Health Innovation Advisory Portal (HIAP) was established by the Scottish Government to further health innovation in Scotland.
the Health Innovation Advisory Portal (HIAP) was developed in 2012 and re-launched in 2018 by the Scottish Government, to include additional services including a procurement accelerator service (PAS) which provides dedicated procurement advice/engagement for all areas of the innovation network in Scotland and its suppliers. HIAP was created in response to Scottish Government policy and was launched to set direction for the health innovation agenda in Scotland, bridging the gap between the National Health Service in Scotland, and the Scottish Life Science community.

The aims of the HIAP-Scotland portal are:
- To provide a single initial point of contact, information, advice and assessment for new products and technologies for consideration by NSS.
- To provide potential suppliers to NHSS with information, guidance and support in how to develop ideas and innovations into products and technologies.
- To support and regularise the assessment process, levels and types of evidence (and their sources) and feedback to developers of new technologies and ideas.
- To create a forum for debate and to generate dialogue on the emerging unmet needs.
- To encourage a multi-disciplinary assessment community who are able to provide constructive feedback on potential technologies and innovations.
- To promote the work of other organisations in this area and signpost interested suppliers.

Resources needed

The Health Innovation Fund received seed funding of £100,000 allocated by Scottish Government in 2014.

Evidence of success

The number of entries in HIAP has increased by 150% since its re-launch in Q4 of 2018. The Procurement Advisory Service has provided early engagement and support to 13 innovation suppliers over the past 6 month and created 6 landscaping review papers on specific innovations which reviews the solution, assesses the market, stakeholder review and provides Procurement guidance.

Difficulties encountered

Reviewing and providing feedback on innovations that cover diverse ranges of services and products across Health and Social Care requires access to a multidisciplinary groups with sufficient knowledge and experience, and it can be a challenge to get groups together at the same place and time.

Potential for learning or transfer

The innovation landscape is diverse and fragmented so building an overall picture and mapping that activity helps us understand what the next steps should be. The Scottish Governments Chief Scientist Office creation of Regional Test Beds and Innovation Lead Groups provides an infrastructure that supports this and allows shared learning. From a procurement perspective the regulated processes employed by the Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP)and the Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI), and the procedures and the implications of each, could be better understood by innovators and those out with the community, so Procurement representation in the innovation network facilitates better understanding.
Main institution
Scottish Government
Eastern Scotland, United Kingdom
Start Date
August 2018
End Date


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