2500 square meters wall surface, with an annual energy production of approximately 237 000 Kwh, stylish black solar panels at the BAE Systems factory.
BAE Systems decided in 2009 to invest in the production facility at the factory in Örnsköldsvik. The premises would be modernized, both internally and externally.
The company examined the conditions for solar energy in Örnsköldsvik. It proved to be good conditions for solar production due to: the air is clean in the area, in the winter the snow reflects the sunlight on the façade, and it is quite cold in the northern part of Sweden (which gives the electrical equipment good efficiency).
The solar panels were mounted on a short side in the south and on a more than 150-meter-long wall facing west.
“We were going to renovate the facade and saw an opportunity to make this venture. It's more expensive than a standard facade, but the pay-off regarding the difference between the solutions is five years", says Peter Sedin, Production Manager at the company.

Resources needed

The cost of the project is approximately 8.4 million SEK, of which 1.2 million constitutes of State grant.

Evidence of success

The installed peak power is approximately 370 kW, and the power generation is 237 000 kWh per year, which corresponds to 4-5 percent of BAE Systems energy consumption in Örnsköldsvik. The 2 500 square meters of solar panels could provide about 40 villas on electricity. Calculated in the number of electricity certificates, the company has access to 237 and at the same time saves more than 200 tons of CO2 per year.

Difficulties encountered

The challenge is the size of the project; there were approximately 1600 solar panels to be mounted, divided into six units. Measurement was important during installation, since all single panels within the entire loop are connected.

Potential for learning or transfer

Since these types of panels are mounted on the wall instead of the roof, snow does not have to be shoveled off. Thus, this solution has great potential as renewable energy source in the northern regions.

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Main institution
BAE Systems Hägglunds
Mellersta Norrland, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
September 2014
End Date
November 2015


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