Bind 4.0 is a public-private acceleration programme that lasts 24 weeks and takes place in the Basque Country. It focuses on Industry 4.0 early-stage startups.
Startups may apply from anywhere in the world and will have a strong commitment to accelerate their business in the Basque ecosystem by connecting startups with leading Industry 4.0 manufacturing, energy, and healthcare companies and contracts worth up to €150,000.
Bind 4.0 aims to support industry 4.0 startups selected as the most innovative, accelerating their development and growth through an intense working program that includes:
• High quality training.
• World-class mentorship.
• Several networking sessions and close relations with the scientific-technological ecosystem of the Basque Country.
• Co-working space.
• Direct connection with the main industrial Basque companies and the opportunity to work jointly on the development of a real project.
• Opportunity to access non-refundable funding, equity loans and/or favorable conditions financing from 30.000 euros up to a maximum of 500.000 euros, depending on the stage of the startup.

Selected Bind 4.0 startups will develop a project for one of these companies while learning the ins and outs of their business. The company will function as a customer as well as a resource for new technologies and networks, which the startup can use to develop its business and commercial tools. Startups get the unique opportunity to grow along with these companies.

Resources needed

30.000 euros up to a maximum of 500.000 euros, depending on the stage of the startup

Evidence of success

27 international start-ups were selected to develop a total of 40 projects in collaboration with 27 big corporates. In total, 12 new top-tier companies that have decided to be part of the latest BIND, motivated by the success of the 1st call of the Basque start-up public private accelerator.
All the indicators of the program have increased greatly from the first to the second edition, of 257 applications from 41 countries it has gone to 385 from 57 different countries, from 11 selected startups

Difficulties encountered

• Best results in start-ups are the ones solving real problems.
• It is important to have an international mindset.
• It is important to have the Government support.
• This program offers a great business culture.
• The results obtained must be analysed

Potential for learning or transfer

The programme could be replicated in other regions.

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Main institution
Basque Government Economic Development
País Vasco, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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