- All private citizens and public catering services in Finland were invited to eat organic porridge in 6.9.2017
The organic products are still not widely used in the public sector catering. This practice aimed to increase and introduce organic porridge, as an example of organic product to the public sector. All private citizens and public catering services (in Finland the public catering is centralized nationally) in Finland were invited to eat organic porridge, as an alternative at lunch, at 6.9.2017. In Finland the lunch is for free and provided by the community to public schools, public elderly homes and public day care centers. Also restaurants, army units, jails, and Finnish embassy's took part to this event, by serving organic porridge 6.9.2017. Each restaurant calculated served portions and announced the amount to ProLuomu. Private citizens can take a photo of their organic porridge portion and share it via Twitter or Instagram with #luomupuuronME or on Facebook page. The day was part of Suomi100, Finland’s centenary celebration.

Resources needed

- Organizing of the WR needs a leader, eg. national organic association who has the power to run such event
- Marketing of the event, taking enrollments from participating catering services and calculating served portions is the biggest job and requires at least 1-2 employees involvement during the

Evidence of success

The world record is at the moment the first and the only one Organic Porridge WR. Factual evidence, collected by ProLuomu, calculated total 390 230 organic porridge portions consumed during this event.
The Organic Porridge WR has increased the level of Finnish municipalities and restaurants to change conventional cereals into organic. The wide dissemination of this event in the media, has increased the acknowledge of organic products, where SME's in that sector can benefit.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Organic Porridge WR obtained positive buzz around organic food, get positive feedback and it was written in newspapers abroad. The public authorities could take this good practise into use also in other European countries, since it has evidentially shown improvement for the organic porridge consumption nationwide in Finland, after this event. It can also foster the organic sector SME's businesses, through the media impact how the event was disseminated, and by the need of organic cereals.
Main institution
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences
Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
September 2017
End Date


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