The objective is to give SMe's advice concerning legislation and regulatory aspects of SME's support system, to support SME's competitiveness.
The objective is to give SMe's advice concerning legislation and regulatory aspects of SME's support system and to help SME's to improve the competitiveness and sustainability in the organic sector. Organic actors are included, but advise is not specifically also for others than organic farming SME's. The main stakeholders and beneficiaries are The Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi) and The Local Centre for economic development, transport, and the environment (ELY). Neuvo 2020 is part of rural development programme (RDP), therefore, after EU regulations (1305/2013 and 1306/2013), it is implemented in every EU-country. Finland was among the first countries to implement the regulation. In Finland the SME's can get advice about many regulations of the financial support system. With this support of Neuvo 2020, currently 575 advisers are registered and organic sector SME's can choose the advisers by limiting the search along a community, area of advice, keyword or language. Web-based national system, where service is also provided, after SME's selects expert located close to farm and experts visit the farm(s.)

Resources needed

The funding for the programme comes from Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland 2014-2020. The costs for advice is 63 euros/hour and mileage. For each farm, 3500 € is reserved at the moment. For year 2017, up to 7000 € can be utilised.

Evidence of success

Year 2016, 10 000 farmers took part of Neuvo 2020 and 1342 of those were organic farmers. Neuvo 2020 has fostered the capacity of SME's to develop and grown nationally and internationally by giving this support in Region of South Ostrobothnia, via these advisers, for them. The Regional Programme of South Ostrobothnia sees that organic sector and the number of SME's has grown, and the good practise of Neuvo 2020 funding is one of the key tools to continuously increase this growth.

Potential for learning or transfer

Service has obtained very positive feedback and it is utilised a lot. It is almost free of charge for farms and it is easily available.
Main institution
Etelä-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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