KCDM introduces design and design management to the participating companies and systematically connects design with business communities.
KCDM was a pilot project carried out in Slovenia between 2013 and 2015 within the framework of the European Social Fund.The potential of design in Slovenia has not yet been widely recognized. There has been a lack of synergy between the design and business communities without a structured national strategy and support infrastructure.The project was initiated by Slovenian design agency Gigodesign and backed by 18 companies - producers from different industrial and creative sectors. The primary KCDM objectives were to introduce design and design management to the participating companies, systematically connect design and business communities, provide and organize trainings, create a professional network and increase public awareness in general. The secondary objective was the Integration of design into a national development strategy and the formation of initiatives for design sector organization. The KCDM project office developed a modular competence model which defined 5 job profiles and basic design management competences for each job profile based on 5 factors. The practically structured trainings have been provided to the companies and each participating company had the possibility of choosing the particular modules that were necessary to accomplish their own individual business objectives. The target-oriented trainings included: internal and external trainings and strong national and international networking. Beneficiaries: 19 Slovenian companies and their employees.

Resources needed

Total budget: 432.758 EUR.
Project office: 5 people.

Evidence of success

Results were evaluated through the DM staircase developed by DME Award carried out in each company at the beginning and at the end of the project. The final results showed an improvement in all 5 factors. The overall business results of the partner companies in the year 2015 compared to year 2012 show:
70% growth of added value per employee
245% growth net profit
14% growth of business income.
KCDM won 1 prize Design Value Award 2016, DMI Boston, MA, USA and 1 prize HMR Project 2016 Award.

Potential for learning or transfer

The project set up an optimal framework, structure and knowledge base for the development of design and design management in Slovenian economic environment which can also be transferred to other countries. The competence model and education program provide a foundation for building competences in companies of all sizes and sectors. The social value of the KCDM project is also the creation of the efficient foundation for the development of the independent Design Management organization with activities that would be aimed at:
- Monitoring, collection and dissemination of knowledge and best practices in the areas of design management
- Providing and organizing training according to the competence model
- Co-operation in promotion, development and implementation of design management strategies
- Providing a powerful and influential network for the business and design community with international organizations
- Raising public awareness of the importance of design and design management
Main institution
Gigodesign d.o.o.
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
February 2013
End Date
October 2015


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