Regional Creative Economy Center (RCKE) is a practical link between economy and creative industries.
In the last few years the Regional Creative Economy Center (RCKE) has become a practical link between economy and creative industries and a promotor of the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills within creative industries. Moreover, it has become one of the leading providers of services for the development of a creative ecosystem in an international environment, which monitors and sets trends in the implementation and use of creativity in the public and private sectors for their more effective and efficient operation. The Centre was established in the framework of Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region.

RCKE's modus operandi is to support the development of creative sector and to create a spill over effect when cooperation with other sectors is established, based on the expression of creativity, creative methods, co-creation and co-production with different partners as well as civil society, and this calls for new manners of public institutions functioning. RCKE is the first institutional initiative that aims at the development of creative economy. It is the only institutional link for several creative projects and communities. It interconnects them, connects them with other economic sectors and offers a unique access to decision makers while on the other hand provides different programmes for numerous public institutions and organizations based on participatory approach of various stakeholders.

Resources needed

Minimal two employees

Evidence of success

More than 8 Value Chains across different industrial sectors have been established, over 200 workshops and training events realised for different target groups (private and public organisations), attended by more than 2,150 individuals. More than 100 consultations (e.g. legal advice for creative entrepreneurs, crowdfunding, etc). RCKE supports the study visits abroad (7) and international integration for policy makers (20) and creative entrepreneurs (8).

Potential for learning or transfer

RCKE that addresses the specific fields of creative industries can be applied on others to achieve results, which was proved in many occasions (e.g. Creating a strategy of sustainable transportation in the city of Ljubljana, process grounded on participatory workshops with civil society, etc.). Centre operates under auspices of Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region that wants to replicate RCKE initiative in other 11 Slovenian regions (the interest of regions was confirmed, the steps to provide the financial sustainability of individual initiative is in progress). At the same time RCKE initiative was recognised for outstanding best practice and received the EURADA AWARD 2018. The initiative created interest amond Regional Development Agencies of Europe (members of Eurada) to transfer this innovative approach of supporting creative industries development.
Main institution
Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
March 2012
End Date


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