The city of Kortrijk wanted to relight the city library, with an innovative procurement procedure aimed at circular economy and resource efficiency.
The city of Kortrijk wanted to buy light as a service: they chose to rent the lighting instead of classical ownership of products. The suppliers remain owner of the product, so the resources go back to the suppliers when the contract is finished. The contract should be budget neutral, without investments: the saved costs in energy will be used for the renting costs. This contract requires the use of high quality materials, with high potential for re-use and recycling. The maintenance is based on a full service contract.
Award criteria: costs/year, light plan, esthetics, reverse logistics & circular economy, use of materials at the end of the contract.
Key enablers were: the competent public procurement officers to carry out the tendering process, the private sector’s environmental culture and availability of relevant suppliers, the long term contract award.
3 suppliers responded to the tender.

Resources needed

Time and skilled staff.

Evidence of success

Energy efficiency (savings: 49.600 kWh/year (80%), 11,5 ton C02/year).
Economical resource use through the circular approach.
Providing incentives to industry to innovate.

Difficulties encountered

A lot of effort and time was required to prepare and handle this pilot project. This work should however not be repeated for new projects.
Very important about this contract is the follow-up: f.e. what about the maintenance and what happens with the lighting when the contract is finished.

Potential for learning or transfer

This project seems quite easy transferable when used for well-defined projects. Needs addressed are common among sectors, organisations and different regions/countries. There is low risk of organizational resistance
Afterwards, the use of ‘ambassadors’ is very important: the project is well known in Flanders because of the many presentations and documentation about the subject.

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Main institution
City of Kortrijk
Prov. West-Vlaanderen, Belgium (Belgique-België)
Start Date
May 2016
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Monika Zielińska

Lodzkie Region