Is an arts fair focusing on the disciplines of theatre, dance, film, music and literature (edition), creative industries (innovative cultural projects), cinema.
948 merkatua , Navarre’s arts market, is a strategic market for professionals in the arts industry.
The first ever edition will take place in Pamplona (Navarre), on 15 and 16 November 2017.
The Aims
Support professional artists from Navarre, offering coordination services between artists and agents to come together at the fair.
Help creative cultural companies and cultural professionals from the region of Navarre to become more commercially dynamic and international.
Incorporate Navarre’s professional cultural offer into the scheduling of cultural agents from other territories and spheres.
Generate economic improvements in the cultural and creative business strata in the region of Navarre.
Foster mutual knowledge among nearby cultural markets.
Project the image of the Region of Navarre internationally as a territory that offers cultural wealth.
Generate business opportunities for creative and cultural businesses in Navarre.
Baluarte hosted on 15 and 16 November, in the morning, laboratories, conferences, presentations of projects and institutional meetings.
In the afternoon, the professional activity has given way to exhibitions of music, performing arts, visual arts or cinema and television in the spaces that play a part in the cultural life of Pamplona. These activities have had 2,106 attendees.

Resources needed

Budget: .150.000 euros
Staff Government of Navarre: 8 person
External Collaborator: 8 person

Evidence of success

More than 8,700 people gathered at 948 Merkatua
284 meetings have been programmed between professionals and artists
Has scheduled 166 activities.
948 Merkatua has also hosted the Fair of the Edition of the book, disk and other media,. 27 exhibitors have participated in this initiative
In addition, this fair has had a program of complementary activities. In total, 5,426 people

Potential for learning or transfer

The first edition of 948 Merkatua, the Arts Market of Navarra, has led for the first time in Navarra a dialogue between all the disciplines: film and television, performing arts, book edition, disc and other editorial supports, music, visual arts and visual arts and other creative and cultural industries.
After the good reception of this first edition, 948 Merkatua, Mercado de las Artes de Navarra, reinforces its objective of becoming a benchmark meeting for the whole area of the Euroregion, and one of the professional events of the arts at the state level

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Main institution
Regional Government of Navarra
Comunidad Foral de Navarra, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2018
End Date
November 2018


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