Premier Green Energy Limited is a rural based class-leading SME in provision of waste-to-energy solutions, bioenergy knowledge sharing & research incubation
Premier Green Energy (PGE) is an excellent example of an SME which is located in a rural area innovating over time and demonstrating entrepreneurship. PGE is a design, fabrication and manufacturing facility for the provision of waste-to-energy solutions and a centre of competence for knowledge sharing and research incubation in the field of bioenergy.
Its goal is to move from the over-reliance of fossil fuel derived energy generation to a clean, sustainable and renewable approach. Its focus is on providing a pathway for the delivery of appropriate, responsible, efficient energy recovery and environmental and waste management solutions to meet global demands.
It is based in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, a small rural town in Ireland.
Waste management strategies have traditionally focused upon landfilling or waste destruction through incineration technology as the preferred waste management solutions. Massive waste generation was the result of the then prevailing linear economic model in which goods and services were produced, consumed once or for a limited time period and then discarded. In time it has become clear that this approach was unsustainable from the perspective of scarce critical raw materials and environmental protection.
In more recent times, there has been a change in attitude towards waste where it is now being embraced as a valuable resource. PGEs goal is to promote a transition to a sustainable, renewable and more environmentally friendly energy supply chain

Resources needed

PGE has a core group of engineers and researchers where circa 10 people are employed and engaged in designing, research of feedstock & fuel applications and client studies & interactions. PGE also collaborates with research and academic institutes to resolve waste management issues.

Evidence of success

PGE has participated in numerous research projects including LIFE and INTERREG funded projects to determine the suitability of feedstocks for thermal treatment to allow the recovery of resources in the form of energy, resources and nutrients.
PGE has a pipeline of projects which has evolved from the pilot scale testing of various feedstocks. Also, a large commercial scale project utilising problematic waste wood products for renewable power generation is due for commissioning soon.

Difficulties encountered

The heterogeneous nature of feedstock.
The proximity of the thermal treatment process to the waste stream is important to assist further decarbonisation of resource recovery.
Also proximity of the process to a heat load further enhances the carbon footprint.

Potential for learning or transfer

PGE has participated and benefited from enterprise and innovation initiatives over the years implemented through public authorities which assisted it in its evolution from start up to the scale it is today. This practice and the underlying research carried out have significant potential for learning transfer. Waste management of agricultural, commercial and residential residues is a worldwide issue. Landfilling, land spreading and incineration of these residues is increasingly problematic due to contamination and pollution concerns. The research undertaken and the challenges that are being overcome by PGE through the development of suitable technologies to treat these waste streams in an efficient, economic and environmentally benign manner can help to address these issues.
PGE interacts with national and international research institutes, academia, and industry to inform and educate them about best practice relating to solutions to waste management problems.
Main institution
Premier Green Energy Limited (PGE)
Border, Midland and Western, Ireland (Éire)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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