St. Anastasia Island is the only one in Bulgaria that was turned into tourist attraction.
The implemented activities under the project have had a significant effect on the process of transforming Burgas into attractive and sought tourist destination. St. Anastasia Island has extremely interesting history and attracts people with its unique nature.Some effects of the project implementation:
• Affirmation of Burgas and St. Anastasia island as attractive and competitive tourist destination of national and regional importance;
• Development of cultural, historical and natural values of Burgas and St. Anastasia island with innovative and non-traditional approaches for developing anthropogenic resources, modernization of infrastructure, effective marketing and advertising of the tourist product;
• Diversification of the tourist products and services and promotion of the development of specific type of “alternative” and sustainable cultural tourism;
• Conservation, interpretation and sustainable management of the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Burgas region;
• Creation of new jobs, consisting of temporary and permanent employment;
• Increased awareness of the population and guests of Burgas regarding the offered tourist services and products;
• Positive image of the destination and the tourist product both among the population of the city and the region as well as among main stakeholders of the tourism market;
• Heritage interpretation through Implementation of innovative techniques for presentation and information service of the tourist attraction

Resources needed

2 756 529 EUR-amount of the initial investment

Evidence of success

Saint Anastasia Island is accessible for visiting during the summer season – from April until October. Almost 200 000 people have visited the tourist attraction for the period 2014-2017.

Difficulties encountered

Some of the challenges that we've managed:
- Preserving the cultural heritage;
- Finding a way to preserve the cultural heritage in its original form to reach as authentic as possible to the visitors. This allows the visitors to explore the unique cultural significance of Saint Anastasia Island.

Potential for learning or transfer

Achieved results after the project implementation:
• Restoration, conservation, adaptation and socialization of the buildings on Saint Anastasia Island. Refurbishment and reconstruction of the pier and exposure of the natural rock formations;
• The Pier – Reconstruction and functional arrangement of the pedestrian facility, serving the tourist attraction;
• A distinctive tourist route as a connecting axis of several cultural heritage monuments and garden art of national importance;
• Developing of marketing strategy for promoting the tourist product and creating of a logo of the leading attraction;
• Purchased small passenger ship;
• Purchased and installed interactive visualization panels and modern wireless audio guides for group and individual visitors.
St. Anastasia Island is a GP of combining cultural heritage with attraction tourism. It is the first tourist site in Bulgaria that offers unique experiences and services such as boat sailing and accommodation on an island.
Main institution
Municipal enterprise "Tourism"
Югоизточен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
May 2014
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Nasos Hadjigeorgiou

Pafos Regional Board of Tourism