Mapping Basilicata: from Basilicata to World, Exporting Italian Excellence! A capacity building program enhancing the international visibility of Basilicata
The program was targeted to SMEs belonging to the local traditional productive districts (food, furniture, corsetry) and aimed at strengthening the presence of the local SMEs on international markets.
To enhance the competitiveness of the regional companies, Mapping adopted a branding strategy to promote 3 key concepts: 1) typicality of the territory; 2) craftsmanship; 3) geographic information. The 3 sectors, considered as the excellence of Made In Italy, have been aggregated under 3 umbrella sectorial brands. Each brand as ‘quality’ chain of the District and the starting point for the positioning strategies.
Besides, Mapping designed and implemented activities and services (workshops, btob, participation in trade fairs and exhibition, advisor services, products placement) in order to support the whole process, to stimulate new combinations of existing sectors and technologies, to upgrade the internal processes of participants SMEs, by leveraging on creativity and cross-sectorial cooperation.
It was implemented by Sviluppo Basilicata in connection with Unioncamere Basilicata and in close collaboration with the regional Districts: the Upholstered Furniture of Matera, the 4 Agro-industrial Districts (Pollino-Lagonegro, Vulture, Matera Hills, and Metaponto), the District of the Corsetry, and also in cooperation with the Italian Chambers of Commerce in UK and Germany,UNIDO,Federlegno Arredo, Confindustria, Design Apart, APT Basilicata, the Italian Cultural Institute in NYc

Resources needed

The project was financed by Basilicata Region (ERDF and MiSE funds). The total budget involved was of 800,000.00€ for the period 2013 - 2015.

Evidence of success

20 events in UK, Germany, Russia, USA, Italy. Strong collaboration between local craftsmen and designers. 3 new brands: beyoubwear-lingerie, CASAMATERA-furniture; BASILICATA FINE FOODS–food (more than 30 products). SMEs presence on international markets strengthened (strategic partnerships and joint declarations with Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, agreements with foreign importers), roduction processes innovated, old and conservative image refreshed. Awarded at RegioStars2016 -SMART GROWTH

Difficulties encountered

Mapping designed specific instruments to stimulate combinations of existing sectors and technologies and to upgrade the internal processes of SMEs trough creativity and cross-sectorial cooperation. Mapping supported participating clusters and SMEs throughout the entire internationalization process.

Potential for learning or transfer

Thanks to the actions devised, MAPPING fostered innovation on different levels:
- Materials: new materials used in the production process (such as high tech fabric, milk fibre textile for the underwear);
-Process: revised the manufacturing process starting from and boosting the collaboration between craftsmen and designers (8 national/international involved), and 2 new collections born from this collaboration (CASAMATERA, BEYOUBWEAR);
-Product/Services: Via the program, a new form of support to local companies was adopted by the public administration, much closer to businesses;
-Organization: promotion of a specific legal tool, the so called ‘network contract’ to facilitate the aggregation of a competitive offer introducing a reorganization of the relations among the companies;
-Territorial context: the change in the entrepreneurs’ attitude increased trust in public administration.

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Main institution
Sviluppo Basilicata - Development Agency of Basilicata Region, I
Basilicata, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
June 2013
End Date
December 2015


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