Sintel is the regional e-procurement platform, offering a system able to support the Lombardy public administrationin the management of tender procedures.
Sintel supports the public entities to set up and manage autonomously public tenders on line, in full autonomy and without costs, and with the possibility to use professional help. The functionality of this system is in line with the objectives of TITTAN, in particular for the promotion of innovation ecosystems in the health sector.
The Sintel Platform supports Public Entities in managing more effectively the Procurement services.
The following modules are also available on the SINTEL Platform:
BUDGET: module to fully manage online the planning and programming process of the needs and purchases of the Bodies at the regional level
PRODUCT CATEGORIES: module for the management of product trees (specific product sectors)
LIST OF SUPPLIERS: form to access information on registered companies including the related self-certifications and specific documents
XML DATA EXTRACTOR: module to extract all the procedures carried out by the single entity in the hole required by Law 190/2012
CUSTOMIZATION: module to customize the platform by inserting the Logo and the letterhead in the procedure report.

Resources needed

The system is managed by Lombardy Region through its regional budget.

Evidence of success

The Sintel reduces costs of purchasing good and services thus improving the performances of public budget. The biggest savings have been realised thanks to the reduction of postal services and work needed to collect, store and manage all documents.

Difficulties encountered

The main challenge was the change from paper-based procedures to electronic ones. However, a number of training sessions on the use of the platform and tailored assistance were provided .

Potential for learning or transfer

This procurement platform has proved to be effective and secure.
The Sintel platform ensures the confidentiality of offers, prevents modifications to the documents , guarantees traceability of each operation performed on the platform. It represents an excellent tool for public administration that could be replicated in other regions.
Main institution
Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date


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