A collaborative Platform facilitating participation, sharing and collaboration of all actors of the innovation process in industry, research and society.
Open Innovation Lombardia was founded with the aim of proposing a new regional innovation policy model within the ROP ERDF 2007-2013 and it was improved through the 2014-2020 ROP ERDF. It has been built so that “Government, industry, academia and civil participants can work together to co-create the future and drive structural changes far beyond the scope of what any one organisation or person could do alone”. The objectives of the platform are:
• To address the strategic challenge of growth and competitiveness
• To foster and support the creation of open innovation ecosystems
• To support the launch, operation and valorisation of R&D+I projects
• To Improve the regional S3
The Platform contains a set of tools and methodologies to support the creation of innovation ecosystems around strategic topics, it is "open" and inclusive, with very low entry barriers while ensuring a good quality of transactions through a methodology that relies on "facilitators" and "community managers".
The Platform is part of the “Lombardy is research” initiative, which awards every year a prize for the best innovative project. This year the topic is “Active and heathy ageing”. Through the platform the first PCP calls have been launched, thus contributing to two of the TITTAN thematic Areas, specifically how to uptake innovative health products/services through new public procurement practice and how to promote the establishment of innovation ecosystems in the health sector.

Resources needed

Total amount € 2.706.107,85 – EU funds € 1.072.701,15 (ERDF-2007-2013) and National Public funds € 1.633.406,70

Evidence of success

Finlombarda has dedicated to the Open Innovation 5 full time staff in the first two years. According to the 2017 data, Over 6500 users have a profile and over 2,000 organizations are registered and classified according to their products and services, their projects and their outputs; thanks to the platform more than 230 collaborations have been generated and 94 S3 thematic communities.

Difficulties encountered

The idea of a public open environment for discussions and business purposes had to be accepted and trusted.

Potential for learning or transfer

In the long term period an open source software will be available for other platforms. There is a growing interest in other Regions for similar platform as an effective communication tool between the academia and industry, fostering networking between different professional figures

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Main institution
Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2013
End Date


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