Grants for the promotion of voluntary environmental management systems.
The grants are governed by Order TES/130/2015, of May 4, approving the regulatory bases of the grants for the promotion of voluntary environmental management systems, amended by Order TES/8/2017,of January 16, modifying the regulatory bases of grants for the promotion of voluntary environmental management systems and RESOLUTION TES/894/2018, of April 19, of call of grants for the promotion of the voluntary environmental management systems, for 2018.
The General Directorate of Environmental Quality and Climate Change of the Department of Territory and Sustainability, Government of Catalonia is the competent body for the management of EMAS in Catalonia, to carry out in its territory the functions of Regulation (EC) no.1221/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, among which the promotion of the participation of organisations in the EMAS system stands out.
This type of aid is aimed at the promotion of voluntary environmental management systems, in this case especially the promotion of EMAS registration for public and private legal organisations, local institutions, associations of local authorities and their autonomous bodies, foundations and other non-profit organisations.
The subsidy includes the cost associated with the verification of system by an accredited environmental verifier.It applies to sites located in the territory of Catalonia. The financial support is provided once the organisation obtains the EMAS registration or the renewal of EMAS registration.

Resources needed

Financial envelope for 2018 call is 250,000€:210.000 € for private enterprises,20.000 € local entities,10.000 € foundations,10.000 € other non-profit institution.The technical staff required to adopt the incentive will depend on procedures and the experience of the public administration.

Evidence of success

Although the call for this type of aid for the promotion of environmental management systems is being carried out for some years,in the 2015 call, more than 60 applications were submitted, being granted 80% of the applicants. In the 2018 call, 100 applications have been submitted.The promotional incentive is very welcome by the EMAS registered organisations and in the past it has contributed to increase the numbers of EMAS, and the potential to spread it in the future is high.

Potential for learning or transfer

European environment policies consider that many of the environmental issues can be better addressed through interaction between key economic actors and the use of a comprehensive and integrated set of instruments and not only through legislation. Combining economic and technical support with other actions allows promoting voluntary schemes such as EMAS, particularly when it's not very known in the market. The incentive has evolved with the last modification of the legal reference as in the past also ISO 14001 were accepted and it was only for the first implementation. Now it focuses only on EMAS.
The measure is transferable in terms of implementation process and can have a relevant impact for the organisations located in Regions/Countries with a certain number of EMAS registered organisations during hard economic circumstances and it also can be a strong incentive in those Regions with a poor implementation of EMAS as - if well communicated - it can improve the dissemination of EMAS

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Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
May 2015
End Date
May 2018


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