Riga Motor Museum is the largest and most diverse collection of antique motor vehicles in the Baltics; included in the list of the best technical museums.
Riga Motor Museum was opened after a large-scale reconstruction on the 2nd of July, 2016. The museum has gained broader and modernized exposition space, a comfortable and enjoyable environment for visitors, as well as accessibility for everyone. At the same time they have preserved the museum’s historical architecture and the specific Motor Museum’s atmosphere.
The design project envisages the creation of an entirely new innovative Riga Motor Museum exposition with interactive and multimedia solutions, highlighting the museum’s collections and unique exhibits. Organically integrated in the museum’s exposition the multimedia solutions complement the overall narrative. They allow the visitor to explore important topics in depth, engage creatively and gain visual enjoyment. Here are some examples – audio guide, augmented reality experience, video mapping show, workstations, visual projections, multimedia solutions, audio experience, hands-on exhibits and games.
The main reason for the reconstruction was to create an attractive museum that would engage all range of people to visit the museum (different ages, families etc.) and have a repetitive visit.
The museum is included in the list of the best technical museums in the world.

Resources needed

Riga Motor Museum is incorporated in the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (public shares company). The construction costs of the museum were 5.6 M EUR, while the exhibits are valued at 2.5 M EUR.

Evidence of success

In 2017 the results of the European Museum Academy Micheletti Award and the DASA Award were announced. 34 European museums entered the competition and Riga Motor Museum was named as one of the ten finalists competing for the main prize.
A year after the reconstruction almost 200 thousand of people visited the museum, which is triple more than before the reconstruction in 2012.
According to the Trip Advisor, the museum is is the top museum to visit in Latvia.

Potential for learning or transfer

The tourism and museums European-wide have the opportunity to learn from the experience of the Riga Motor Museum on how to innovate and digitize the culture sites, creating unique visitor experience and active participation.
The museum is a great example for cultural tourism development, which can be transferred regarding the inclusion of innovation and digitization of the cultural assets, and included in the relevant policy documents.

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Main institution
Riga Motor Museum
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
July 2016
End Date


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