ORCHA is part of NHS Englands Innovation Accelerator programme and support many NHS and local government organisations to drive the uptake of digital health.
ORCHA aims to help remove the barriers that currently inhibit the true potential of digital health solutions and prevent the wider spread adoption of great products and services by end users, health and care professionals and health and care systems.The ORCHA platform uses a clinically and academically validated framework to thoroughly assess apps and present the results in an easy to search app database.
• Reviews apps through an impartial and proven structure to assess value and risk.
• Keeps users better informed on assessments of available apps to help making decisions on the most appropriate and best apps easier.
• Identifies risks so that users are safer.
• Enhance efficiencies and outcomes for the health and social care economies while reducing risk.
• Through feedback process, also provides developers with resources to deliver better apps.
• Review, monitor, brief and advise government as a critical partner to this emerging H&SC sector
Its services are global and it is currently in uptake of innovation phase. Several NHS CCGs pay a licensing fee of £20k to use the platform for their own purposes as he move towards a model when Apps will be available on prescription from medical professionals.

Resources needed

The business span out of the We Are Nova Incubator in Liverpool. It subsequently received several hundred of thousand pounds worth of equity investment from local business angels.

Evidence of success

ORCHA has been successful in many ways;
• Has a number of paying customers.
• Technically successful - automatically reviews Apps
• Technical feasibility already achieved
• Applicable across multiple geographies

Difficulties encountered

The business is currently in scale up, so further access to healthcare providers would benefit its operations. Geographical roll-out is also being supported.

Potential for learning or transfer

ORCHA platform provides a gateway to a world of new software and apps that can help with self-care and more. As the industry is in its infancy it remains largely unregulated so citizens have no way of knowing what is good, bad or indifferent. ORCHA’s solution is one such way to sort out the good from the bad and provide a layer of safety. In some situations, health organisations can also discharge their duty of care by pointing to an independent review of new tools used by citizens already.
Main institution
Merseyside, United Kingdom
Start Date
March 2014
End Date


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